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    So how long till this Beta test is over?

      I'm being quite serious when I say this. This game feels like a Beta. Constant parties being dropped after each game or even during some.  The Terrible host migrations giving host to people that shouldn't get it.  And every other problem that has been posted here has pointed me to believing that this game is definitely still in the Beta stage. 


      The "Public betas don't work" argument is invalid now.  W@W had a beta and that game was fine because of it. Every game afterwards didn't and each had its share of stupid problems.  Every thread saying "All kids want a beta for is to have a playable demo before release."  So what?  The thousands that would be playing this game that also are a part of these forums would have flooded it with feedback.   I know it's hindsight, but I feel like what better way then to bash this over their heads till they get it.


      What do you guys think?

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          Re: So how long till this Beta test is over?

          I've been saying this for a LONG time bro.   It's the only way to accurately (albeit with a small sample) reflect how MP will play.  I've been told they have an xbox live super secret "sandbox" to test on.  Well, there is no way treyarck/IW can accurately reflect all of the different configurations in the public space.  THey just can't  So you let your beta testers (namely, huh...US!!) TEST it for you.

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            Re: So how long till this Beta test is over?

            Ya plus I'm constantly getting 'Connection Interuppted' and then kicks me out, gives me a loss, and put me on probation. Now that bascially means for you simpletons, I am not allowed to play the game for a certain amount of time because of treyarch's shitty game crashing over and over and over

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