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    Cannot connect to the Black ops 2 Multiplayer

      Hello there everyone.  I'm here to tell "Activision" that I cannot connect to the servers on multiplayer or the servers.  I was able to connect after launch day, the next day; didn't work.  I was very angry about this.  I had tried calling activision and they shut down their phone services, maybe due to massive calling. I opened ports and still did not work. 


      I really need this to be fixed.  I purchased a 60$ game that doesn't work for multiplayer.  It's like giving my money away for free. 


      If anyone has this issue, please comment what issues are occuring to you. 


      I've been missing out with my friends, they always invite me, but what do I do?  Nothing because I can't connect online!!!  I checked my router it's alright.


      If you're making us do all these things, you're wrong because you guys created this game so we can play, not to follow someone's instructions. 


      If anyone knows how to fix this issue, message me on youtube. 


      The name is Lazy6uy.


      Thanks you and fix it!!!