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    What should I do?

      Hey how's it going? Here I am at lvl 55 about to go to the next step. So after playing this game up to lvl 55 I have gotten use to not having Ghost. Well I have the choice to carry it with me, but should I. I have completely changed my play style to handle them knowing my location, do I go back to my old ways or do I take a weapon that I've barely used. Please give some input.

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          well if ur doing good with out it maybe u should stay that way


          but if ur sstill not sure play some games with ghost and play some with out it and see which style u have the most fun with

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            I just prestiged myself, and took scavenger.......ghost isn't needed in this game....I always equip the launcher and with scavenger it re-supplies.


            Enemy air support is not lasting long


            The choice is yours though

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              I took ghost but its been so drastically nerfed,if you stop to put a T.i or climb a ladder your back on the map,even if you ads with an ar without stock attachment you show up (I actually hope it gets a bit of a buff tbh) but if you prestige and dont take it and get an extra custom class it overwrites the premade class that has ghost on so be prepared for 55 lvls with no option of ghost