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    so controler autoaim balance failed.

      from what i heard and seen CCP has better autoaim teh BO.


      BO failed in autoaim from its CCP being to strong vs wiimote.


      wiimote needs goldeneye sightsnap aimbot to be balanced.


      oo better yet. nerf CCP aimbot to a level inbetween CCP  BO and MW3. leave wiimote alone.

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          STOP COMPLAINGING ABOUT AIM ASSIST! I would rather have an enemy kill me because I know that they have the advantage in a gun fight than win a gunfight I should've lost because he missed. Aim assist is an integral part of the game, just accept that and stop whining about it. Like it or not you need aim assist on a control stick because it's just not precise enough by its self.

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              But you don't understand. Its too much, like it was in Black Ops. It has to be that sweet middle, not too strong not too weak. (I wish they would've taken my advice of having wiimote only game modes and the like)


              Seriously, when you put up CCP vs Wii mote, in BO, CCP won at close and med because of aimbot-like aim assist, and in MW3, CCP just sucked so bad it might as well have been a paperweight.

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                i compllained because most players said stronger than BO aimassist. granit i use wiimote(didnt play MW3). and still raped many CCP users, but still found some near unstoppable with teh advantiges. also once i used it on BO i noticed it was to strong.


                also y i reference goldene eye autoaim. that autoaim was overkill on the wiiU, but the mote controls and ADS didnt work well in that game eather.

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                I've always used the wiimote on the wii...can someone explain to me how aim assist (which I always turn off for the wiimote) is "more better" on a ccp than the wiimote?  I'm serious, I don't get it.  You're saying there are "degrees" of aim assist, depending on controller?


                Next question...why not make them all the same?

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                  The wii mote is the best way next to pc to shoot accurately.