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    Call of Duty: Red Dot Chasin'

      Man, what happened to you Treyarch? Black Ops 1 wasn't perfect, but it brought life back into the CoD franchise. So many opportunities to build off of and instead you followed right into the same path as Modern Warfare. I can only assume that your publisher (Activision) set the guidelines in front of you and you and your team of devs succumbed to the big money. That's understandable I guess, afterall, this is corporate America where everyone eventually sells out. It's just sad that there was once a time when the smaller companies ONLY cared about making good games. I guess that day is long gone. It's ok though, you keep this up and will just become another worn out franchise, eventually to be taken over by a new game that refreshes the gaming world. It's the circle of video game life I guess.


      I see promise in this game, albeit very little... There's some great things to build off of. In case you are interested (which you most likely will not be), here it goes:


      I'm probably beyond the age of your market demographic for this game. I am not the pre-pubescent stereotypical American child who suffers from ADHD, I'm a methodical gamer; some games I like to take my time and move throughout the map in a skillful manner. Some games I want to put pressure on the opposing team. I have a very basic K/D for my skill level, hovers around 2.0 (not in BO2!). I appreciate challenging games and very much welcome tough competition. Some of the people who play this game ARE amazing and I can appreciate learning from them. In this game, it's not possible to decipher who is good and who is not (aside from the kill cams I guess), because I am having so many lag problems I never get a chance to have as fair of a fight as possible.


      Here are some Pros & Cons (just my opinion, but I did pay my $65, so I have the right to speak my voice too).



      - Great Job with the Pick 10 system! I love the freedom it gives us to manipulate our loadouts to our own preference.

      - Scorestreaks are great. Granted it's not perfect, but I like getting more points for doing things that benefit the team aside from just killing the opposition.

      - Zombies is very unique and I really dig the Tranzit mode. Maps could be bigger, but for a first go on something new, it's nice. Hopefully the DLC content brings larger maps, provided I haven't traded this game on Craigslist for a pack of cigarettes by then,

      - Grief mode is fun for a first time playlist. I would recommend throwing in other things that a team could use to indirectly effect the competition. Maybe a fart cloud that makes the opposing team dizzy??? Ok, no. But you catch my drift.



      - By far the biggest con in this game is the lag issue I have been having. It really makes this game unplayable for me (and apparently a bunch others). I don't know if it's lag compensation (over-compensation more like) or it's just shoddy connections, but it is absolutely ridiculous. I pay a premium for the internet in my town, I should not have to downgrade it in order to be on par with the masses. No one should have to. This needs to be fixed because it is ultimately ruining the game for so many people. Don't want to beat a dead horse, but it's the truth.


      -In my personal opinion, the maps are atrocious. I think you developers have forgotten the fundamental rule to map making. Symmetry and simplicity! Some of your greatest strengths in the first Black Ops came from wonderfully designed maps (IMHO). Maps like Firing Range, Jungle, Array; hell, even Summit , for me. These maps were simple, they had 3 main arteries to them and they weren't littered with clutter. The main arteries didn't interconnect for the most part, which in my opinion shouldn't be done. Spawn points weren't perfect, but it was the traditional one side or the other depending upon location of the enemies. IMO it was as good as you could have made it.

      These maps are just disgusting. Clutter everywhere, way too many head glitch spots. More is not always better. These maps promote camping if anything. It almost seems like one of the devs brought in his autistic brother, you know, the kid who's "Rain Man" smart at Math, but still buys his underwear at Kmart... And said, "Have at it Jimmy!". That's what these maps look like to me.


      -Now before I go into this, I want to address that I am not a Ghost whore, but in some games it is an absolute necessity. I utilize Ghost in matches where UAV's are being abused, in order to put some confusion into the attacking team. I utilize Ghost to flank the opposition. But I don't care what anyone says, there are times when you need to set up shop for awhile in one location. That is not camping, it's slowing down an aggressive attack. Ghost creates BALANCE. Now I don't mind having to run around all the time with it on, but it sucks that when I know three guys are in my vicinity I have to keep moving. Ghost does not enable campers, the abuse of red dot chasers and map clutter do.

      For example, who seriously had issues with campers on BO1? Those kids that would sit in the corner of the trailer on Firing Range and wait for the unsuspecting gunman to enter. Ok, I saw where he was on my kill cam. I am going to walk to the outside of that corner of the trailer and fire into it... Voila! He's dead. Or... Toss a flashbang or concussion, enter, fire... Voila! Thing with this is that in the older maps, campers wouldn't last long, because there were only a select few buildings to camp in. In this game it's every fricken nook and cranny! And if there's one, there's two. Throw in another guy head glitching down an alley too. It's just annoying. It's not unattackable, but it is definitely worse now than ever before.


      -These weapons have zero balance.


      Anyway, these are my opinions and that is all. Others may disagree, that's ok. But for me, this game is just not good right now.

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          Re: Call of Duty: Red Dot Chasin'

          just went 25-7 HIPFIRING never using sights just running back and forth from spaws. This should not happen! The sheer fact that I can do this pisses me off

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            Re: Call of Duty: Red Dot Chasin'

            Agree with the cons of camping, and head glitching. But the Black Ops II weapons having no balance for me that's a bit off the mark I've tried pretty much all the weapons and most definitely been killed by a majority of them so far I haven't found anything that wipes the floor above others.

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              Re: Call of Duty: Red Dot Chasin'

              The OP was pretty well written.  Black Ops 1 was my favorite call of duty to date.  It had connection issues at the beginning, but they were fixed within a few weeks and everything was great after that.  Black Ops 2 is just a mess all the way around.  The only good things I can say about it are the pick 10 system and score streaks are pretty well done.  The lag compensation is worse than it ever has been before and I get hitmarkers for days.  The maps are by far the worst stock maps of any call of duty ever released.  Treyarch incorreclty assumed that because nuketown was a popular map in black ops that people must want to play like that all the time, so in black ops 2 they just made all but 1 or 2 maps exactly like nuketown.  Where they went wrong is that people voted for nuketown because it was a change of pace and they wanted to take a break from playing real call of duty maps and just mindlessly smush buttons for a game or two.  Now that's what the entire game revolves around, spawning in, running 5 feet, seeing someone, holding down your shoot button and rolling the lag comp dice to see if you win, then doing it again over and over.  This is the least skill rewarding call of duty ever made, the differences between a skilled player and a monkey with a controller are almost nonexistent.  Treyarch really dropped the ball with this game and it needs a lot more than lag compensation tweaks to fix it.

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                Re: Call of Duty: Red Dot Chasin'

                It's 1am where I am so I just kind of skimmed through the post.


                I agree with pretty much everything I saw in there.  They did add a lot of good things.  But what they screwed up completely nullifies the good.


                Terrible latency issues, terrible maps, terrible weapon tuning.


                As for the whole ghost/UAV issue... maps actually play into this a lot.  Smaller maps make UAVs more powerful - a lot less ground to cover until the next red dot.  Add in the clutter and you have virtually no time to react when pacman rushes in spraying his SMG, that's if you've even had time to fire your launcher yet.  If you have larger, less cluttered maps not only is there more time to shoot down a UAV, you actually have a shot at seeing pacman coming.

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                  Re: Call of Duty: Red Dot Chasin'

                  Good and well written post OP. also I have also written a essay LOL.




                  Unfortunately, I don't think 3Arc even bother to try and read anything here.

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                    Re: Call of Duty: Red Dot Chasin'

                    I pretty much agree with everything you said. I had a perfect 2.0 k/d in BO1, and one of the best things about that game was the maps.


                    BO2 on the other hand, had all the ingredients to be so much better, but they failed epically. The maps are atrociously bad (You can blame that moron Hastro for that, he apparently wanted "competitive" maps) and the lag compensation pretty much destroys any chance of a fair gun fight. Halo is a pretty competitive game, but I don't remember any head glitching stupidity going on there.

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                        Re: Call of Duty: Red Dot Chasin'

                        Agree with most of what you said, well put. Lots of things I like about this game, but I'm unable to enjoy it because of my new found fear of 1 on 1 combat, which in other CoDs I'd win almost every time (KD usually around 3). I'd probably actually like the maps if the lag compensation wasn't so absurd. I'd feel confident in being able to take out all the SMG users with an assault rifle if only my reflexes actually mattere in this system.


                        p.s. nerfing Ghost and cluttered maps made camping a thousand times worse.

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                        Re: Call of Duty: Red Dot Chasin'

                        I remember the days of the host advantage, spawntrapping the enemy team, and knowing which team will win domination just by the initial spawn. The killstreak rewards were so powerful, and everyone used the same ten weapons because they were just better. Really the problem is that the game is too balanced. You can't dashboard so it's like KDR compensation to make everyone have a 1.0 K/D. I can go back and play the previous titles whenever I want, but all my buddies want to play the new game. I am a CoD vet, can't I get a gun just a little better than all the newcomers or an extra 1.5 veteran preference points added to my K/D. Please bro.

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                            Re: Call of Duty: Red Dot Chasin'

                            I don't know if I fully agree that the killstreak rewards were "so powerful". I mean, on BO1, a chopper gunner/gunship could be taken down with a Strela before the guy could even load into it. What surprises me is that on some maps people wouldn't even attempt to shoot them down.


                            I never had a problem overcoming an opposing teams spawn camp. But I guess in that scenario I used more patience instead of the run n' gun method...?


                            If you mean this game is more balanced in the sense that a complete newcomer to this franchise can jump into a game and have just as good of a chance as a CoD veteran, I guess I agree. That should never happen though. This game coddles the mediocre.

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