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    007 legends pc retail skyfall mission how?

      i have the retail pc version of 007 legends.

      on the box, front and back, it says that inside there are instructions on how to get "skyfall mission".

      there is no such instruction anywhere. there's only a two page leaflet inside.


      was this discussed before?

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          I contacted Activision support on the 29th November 2012. I wrote in english, they replied in Swedish on the 30th November 2012. (go figure!).

          I asked when the Skyfall mission would be released. The response was as follows (original text for those who read swedish, and then my [tweaked] Bing translation:



          Tyvärr så har vi inget datum än på när skyfall skall släppas, men så fort vi har ett datum om releasen så kommer vi ut med information.



          Unfortunately, we have no date yet on when [the Skyfall mission for PC will be] released, but as soon as we have a date for the release, [we will publish the] information.

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              what a joke. so i guess the writting on the packaging is a lie and technically FRAUD. there is NOTHING inside that says how to get it. from reading more, i assume this will be dlc and we get it free automatically (being a steam game). but the box says details inside. there's nothing. not even a "you get the skyfall mission when released added to your game automatically". nothing. the game is extremely bad. a license tie-in, to milk the fools. colour me fooled. fool me once shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.


              go to hell activision!!!!

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                  why the hell is an activision website, if it even is one, run(?) or managed(?) or whatever by this guy:




                  and his davidvillatoro website. wtf is this? a hack? a hijacked site? what?


                  parts of this "forum" are handled by that guy's website.


                  someting fishy here.....

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                      Administrative Contact:

                         David Villatoro

                         David Villatoro ()



                         8655 Orion Ave #3

                         North Hills, California 91343



                      a gmail account? why not one usinf the domain name?

                      if genuine, i can not believe activision, a multi billion dollar company, is using one lone guy and his personal website to handle ANYTHING they web serve. wtf is this mickey mouse deal?


                      nuff said....

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                      Activision do not look to have any getout clause in the EULA, and have not removed the title from sale, so are painting themselves in a corner. Not sure about other countries, but in the UK such misadvertising is a breach of the Sale of Goods Act...