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      I pre-ordered Black Ops 2 for the PS3 very early, so I could get all the waves. So I got a code in my receipt and I went to the gamestop website and entered my code and followed all the steps in linking my account and after every wave ill check the Item I wanted (The PS3 wallpaper for the 3rd wave, and the title for the 4th wave). I was hoping that I would get those Items the day of the release, but I got nothing. So I gave it a couple of days, and called SONY and they said that they knew about the title problem and that Activition was working on it. So I waited longer, until today that I checked and it said that they have fixed it, and that all I needed to do is just insert my code again here https://profile.callofduty.com/blackops2gs/redeemCode but all I get is that the code is not valid. I checked my code and wrote it in my different ways that I could have typed it, to see if I had made a mistake writing it down, but I still got the error. I paid extra for the pre-order so I could get all the goodies. But I still don't have my wallpaper and the title. I also called SONY and Activition, but I got no help due that they weren't receiving any calls at that time since a lot of people were calling. Please help me, I still have the receipt from the pre-order. So all I got from all the waves were the poster and Nuketown 2025. Any help would be appreciated.