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    It's not 3arch, It's us.

      I feel the funniest aspect of all the complaints centered around BO2 is, the majority of the complaints/complainers are blaming 3arch, as if to say that 3arch should have consulted them before they ever began working on this game. There is also an aspect of, “Hey 3arch, I could have made a better game.” It is a new game and few aspects of the game have changed slightly, adapt. The second day this game was out, there were so many complaints like the people began to play and realized that their coveted gamer style (ie camping, quickscoping, using the same weapon, ect) didn't work. So these CoD elite turn the game off, cross their arms, and pout. Then they get online and write forum posts telling the game developers how to do their jobs and that 3arch owes them a personalized CoD BO2 game made especially for them.


      Others have enjoyed the game and to 3arch that means more then the complaint from the unchanging, un-adaptable, under-appreciative gamer. MW 1,2, and 3 and BO1 are still there for you to play how you feel most comfortable. This game is not the end of 3arch or CoD because these people that hate this game so much will still buy the next installment of CoD. In the end, we bought this game thinking it would play like BO1, it's a bit different. Keep practicing and playing. Develop and adapt many different ways to play, you can only get better. Just hating BO2 because it's not BO1, so you are not going to play, is just ragequitting IRL.

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          Re: It's not 3arch, It's us.

          Thank you for making me realise I'm not the only smart one out there


          And yes, camping is gone, to a point.

          Quickscoping IS NOT a treyarch thing, it's IW's.

          Same weapon, you obviously want to marry it.


          Camping and rushing are pretty much one in the same now. You can't camp like you could in BO1, or any of the MW's, but you also can't rush like in MW3. You need to rush, camp, rush, camp, rush, camp, etc. You rush up, get a few kills, then stay stationary for a few kills, then rush again.


          Quickscoping isn't quite gone, it's just much harder.


          And yes, you can't use just ONE weapon, you need to use a variety.

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