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    nuketown 2025 ????????

      I must say i am throughly annoyed,confused and just left wondering - why did i bother?

      When us loyal customers preordered our copy of Black Ops 2, we got the Nuketown 2025 Bonus Multiplayer Map for FREE.  No where on the voucher with the download code or on the website does it state that this was just a special map only available at certain times. For us in the UK we have only had it 1week and now am disappointed with the makers of the game.  Also the ridiculous price that it will cost to get the season pass, which isnt available til sometime next year and after this let down I dont wanna buy it yet.  Borderlands 2 is another game that has done something like this but luckily it was not as expensive.  So us loyal and committed players have been left with nothing special by pre-ordering. Come on makers - do something worthwhile before you start losing customers.  Would really appreciate something official to be press released so all of us are not left in the dark!