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    Black Ops 2 HUGE lag - High Ping ONLY in Black Ops 2!

      So, I am getting this HUGE lag since I got the game, I do not have a crap internet I have 13ms of ping and 10mbps of internet I ONLY  get high ping ( yellow bars ) in Black Ops 2, I am totally unsatisfied with this, I mean 100%, I can not believe that I actually made my first prestige with this bull crap lag, I would be pleased if someone could help me because I am pretty positive the treyarch team has "no time" for this! Thank you very much and if you can help me thanks!


      Here is a picture of my speed test.






      PS. I live in Brazil BUT even if the host is from Brazil, even from the same city as a live it stays on the same connection! 3 yellow bars!Always, it does not happen on Diablo, League of legends, but ONLY in Black Ops 2.Thank you.