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    Can't get a match in black ops 2 multiplayer Xbox please help!!

      I bought this game the night it came out and have tried ever since to get on multiplayer with no luck.  I was able to get a couple matches on Friday I think and just had a match and now unable to get any more.  I've read the posts and heard of server issues but cannot understand why other people can get on and I can't, and why I was able to get a couple matches since it came out but cannot get in any now?  I'm on Xbox in KY, ISP is AT&T if it makes any difference


      Activision, this is very disheartening to all the people who gave their hard earned money for a product that doesn't work as it should.  I hear a lot about ps3 but nothing for Xbox and Xbox players have to pay for their service.  The service we are receiving is abhorrent.  The phone lines are always busy and online chat says unavailable.  I have a feeling if this was a brick and mortar type of business selling this kind of product with this type of service, you would be out of business in a heartbeat.  From all the money you have received I think we at least deserve some answers.