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    Can not leave clan?

      Hey, so heres the issue, I joined a clan, who said they would be playing, fairly actively on BO2, and it's been about a week, havent seen a sole... so I went to join my friends clan, knowing I'd have to leave my current, which is where I run into the problem, he invited me to his clan, and when I got the prompt to leave my clan, I get a wonderful little error message saying something along the lines of how the Elite servers cannot be contacted, or some BS like that. I;'ve tried on my PS3. my PC (Including clearing cached files and the like), tried from my Droid using the app, using the browser (NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN), and from my iPad... all resulting in me still being stuck in my ghost clan, and unable to join a new one.... anyone else experiencing this issue?



      premium elite member, and season pass holder for both MW3 and BO2


      Ill check back often for updates, and if a dev sees this, any troubleshooting you need, lemme know.

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