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    its the servers!

      I call bull its not our system is not our internet is the damn servers!! how do I know? easy!! yesterday around 12 am I was able to log in and play finnaly!! I only played once since the entire game came out and yesterday I thought " yes they fix it now i can enjoy the game with my friends" so I played for 3 hours went to the bed and woke up about 20 minutes ago. I played 3 good game last one froze on the last kill came so i restarted my ps3. then one more good game and suddently in the second I had no sound effects, I could hear my friends and the annoucer but not the guns or bombs or anything else, so my friends tell me ok back out from the game, quit it in other words and I did that didnt even take 10 seconds before I got back in and what do you see the damn SERVER ERROR again!!! so I ask...what the heck are they doing?!! does this mean I can play once a week and then the next 5 to 6 days keep getting server errors if so then Im sorry but thats just bullshit...