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    To those that cry "Lag Comp"


      I honestly think people are using this as an excuse for dieing. They don't want to admit that they were outplayed in the game. And honestly, people take it a little too seriously. It's not the end of the world when you die in BO2, just respawn and keep going. If you honesty think you are lagging, I'm pretty sure you would feel it and you would be on a 2 or 1 bar connection in game. When I pull host, I have no problems. It feels exactly the same as when i'm not host.


      People these days...

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          So how is it fair if I see, you first, aim my gun at you, fire 5 bullets from a FAL into your chest, but then you turn and kill me?  I clearly saw my gun go off 5 times, but in the kill cam I didn't even fire once.  And that is every game.  On a bad game it isn't possible to tell what is going on.  I'll just be running along and I will fall down dead.


          Just explain to me how I am supposed to get better and play when half the time when I think I am shooting someone I am not even raising up my gun, let alone pulling the trigger.


          Or is the fact that you have a 1/2 second advantage on me what you consider 'outplaying' someone. 

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            Zzzzz Zzzzz just because you are not experiencing problems does not mean there isn't any. all you have to do is look on youtube, FB even twitter and you can see tons of videos proving there clearly is a problem.


            i'd say around 7/10 games im on the bad side of it, i tend to just leave then and carry on searching and i point blank refuse to play as host thats when you seem to get screwed the most.


            but untill they actually fix something ill just carrry on leaving and rejoining to get fair matches. and refuse to play in any games that are not 4 bar games.

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              Buddha One

              I think you need to look into exactly what Lag Compensation is....

              The speed at which the host relays information between the two players.

              I dont think people mind being killed when its legit, but when it looks like you just got screwed with your pants on during the kill cam, one tends to not take it well.

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                Please come back when you learn to spell. I have been dieing a lot more after reading your post.

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                  Even at 3 bar connections, you should do fine. If you really do see a guy first, it was probably just your aim and him hitting you that through off your aim. I see so many people cry lag comp, but I don't even believe it. Yes, you will lag sometimes, especially if the host is bad connection, but host migration fixes that and it is fine.

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                    yeah you would think so wouldn't you, im constantly at a 4 bar connection, im not going to pretend i know anything about lag comp or latencys anything like that but i know something isnt right when i can put most of my clip into someones head and get hitmarkers but on there screen i didnt even shoot. i never had this problem in any of the other cods.


                    and nope its not my aim im the 1st one to admit when its my own fault, and when im out played i'll even msg people just to say good game(lame i know ) if they deserved it.

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                      MrxBurrito wrote:


                      Please come back when you learn to spell. I have been dieing a lot more after reading your post.

                      Learn how to spell? I didn't spell anything wrong. If that was your attempt to bash me, it failed, hard.

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                        Wow, slow too eh?

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                          And you're a moron for making an assumption like that. I've played cod since W@W and probably have like half a million total kills. I think I can tell when something is different. My reaction time didn't suddenly plummet like I have a degenerative brain disease.


                          edit: I don't care what you call it either, lag compensation or just flat out lag. But something is wrong.


                          edit edit: Oh and you probably don't notice the difference because you're terrible regardless. That's just an assumption like yours though.

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