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    Ghost and Camping

      Ok, I need to clarify a few things here, because all I've read on here is a bunch of people who seem to think that everyone who uses Ghost is a camper.


      Can we define "camper" please? For the love of all that is holy... I was in a game earlier today on Yemen and this kid shouted out, "F'n campers", after we both got killed from a guy shooting an assault rifle out of a window. I couldn't help but laugh.


      I could go as far to say that 2/3 of the top 3 players in every game I've played have been "Camping" in some form or another. This is a commonality in these games and I can't believe people get pissed about this.


      First off, for me, camping is not holding down an area, sitting in a room and shooting out a window, nor holding down the main territory of a map (the point of the map where everyone seems to congregate). I look at as the kid that sits in the far off corner of a map, in a low traffic area just waiting for some guy to run around the corner. And even so, that doesn't piss me off.


      I cannot believe how so many people get agitated about campers. 90% of everyone does some form of camping in a game, whatever the defintion may be. If they aren't moving, they're camping? The problem lies with the average gamer nowadays. Recklessly run n gun, chase the red dot and if they get killed because someone was "head glitching" down a back alley or "camping" in a room with a window, they get pissed. No wonder why Nuketown is the most loved map from BO1... Even though Firing Range, WMD, Jungle, etc. trash that map in every way possible, the average person just wants to run around like a retard and get into the quick action. For me that is so arcadish it's disgusting.


      Now for Ghost. For me it's useless. I spend more time now looking at my mini map to see when my marker goes from tranparent to solid, just so I know if I'm off the grid or not. Did this long flanking maneuver on Yemen tonight, got behind the enemy and was climbing the ladder of that scaffolding in the back of the map... Sure as ****, my marker shows solid to signify that I have shown up on the enemies radar. Within 2 seconds I had 3 guys coming at me. Dead.


      Taking down UAV's with my black hat, circling around like an ******* while I'm looking up at the sky and keeping my crosshair on the UAV, just so I don't show up on the radar, lmao. It really is just a stupid perk now. I mean, I can use it, but it is so ridiculous. Rarely did I ever have a problem with a "camper" who would sit in corner and use ghost. In fact, the only map I remember campers being the most prevalent in on BO1, was Cracked. More than half of these garbage maps feel like Cracked to me.


      I guess in the end, maybe I just prefer a game that isn't so fast paced. Where I don't have to spawn everytime and anticipate a close encounter with the enemy, seconds later.


      I have a relatively small friends list on XBL. Out of the 5 friends I have that play this game, 2 have already sold it. Another is begging me to get Halo 4 cause he "Hates BO2". The other 2 only want to play Zombies.  I personally think this game just isn't my style and will probably give it away. But hey, to each his own right? One thing I can assume is that the DLC sales for Activision won't be as good, with the way they conduct their PR. Ridiculous.

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          Totally agree with you, although BOII fits me, I love WMD especially, my most favoured map of all the cods. But are you going to buy ghost?

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              "Ok, I need to clarify a few things here, because all I've read on here is a bunch of people who seem to think that everyone who uses Ghost is a camper.


              Can we define "camper" please? For the love of all that is holy... I was in a game earlier today on Yemen and this kid shouted out, "F'n campers", after we both got killed from a guy shooting an assault rifle out of a window. I couldn't help but laugh."


              Just some advice, the moment you remove / eliminate the need to care what others say or think you will begin to play the game at another level you never experienced. Do as you wish with the intent to WIN!

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              The Ghost perk actually puts campers at a disadvantage.  Usually, unless you're already moving, the UAV will spot the non-moving camper before the camper is alerted that an UAV is up.  There's a slight delay between a player calling an UAV and the game announcement.


              Another disadvantage for the camper is the camper relies on the UAV to anticipate players.  If I have Ghost on (which I almost always do), it's easy pickin's becasue they have no idea I'm coming after them.


              I love it when the other team has an UAV up, it enhances the element of surprise when I'm running with Ghost (assuming no annoying teammates without Ghost is following me.)

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                Someone gets killed and they see in the killcam that you were using the cover in the game that the developers intended for you to use. So from that point they assume that you have been camping all day long.


                This would not be a problem if they were just aware of their surroundings. Only the stupid people playing outside in a game of war will jump right out in the open the first 10 seconds of the game and get killed. So what does he do ? He takes all of his toy guns away and goes home to cry in his pillow.


                Its not worth worrying over what a bunch of crybabies think. At the end of the sack race you are collecting the trophy while they watch you from the start line with tears in their eyes.

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                  It's so hard.  I mean yeah I complain but the dead gamers try to drown me out.  You think this game is going somewhere?  Why did we have to trash COD to be less respectful than a kids game.  You paid keep paying but if the devs cater to bads you will never be a real gamer.  I appreciate that they will mine you guys out and leave you high and dry but I mean come on you could at least attempt to be better.  Pick a genre of fps and a moderately skilled game  so I don't have to feel so bad every time I try to play COD.  I would rather be a crybaby than the idiot that walked into a game store and lied to himself.  Someone crying about idiots is always more respectful than idiots actually walking into a game store to throw down money on a lie.  This is a situation you can't fraud yourself outta you kill the rep of the game trying to save your own rep.

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                    3arc go OTT over changes.  Unfortunately you can blame some of the 'community' over moaning about Ghost in BO1 because there was nothing wrong it strictly speaking.


                    IW gave us Scavenger/One Man Army + Danger Close tubes so you know what 3arc did?  They gave us Flak Jacket in BO1, the best perk in the game.

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                      This is the definition of camping in video games, mainly FPS games.


                      In video gaming, camping is a tactic where a player obtains a static strategic position of advantage, often providing a clear field of view over a choke point or position of tactical interest whilst retaining cover for the camper. This tactic allows one player to easily pick off any opponent that comes into sight without giving them any indicator of his/her presence in the area. It differs from holding a strategic position by its requisite static nature and intensive cover.

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                        I had someone cry today in S&D that i was using flak jacket he was camping a corner and threw c4 at me i lived and killed him. people are going to cry no matter what lol

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                          Well anyone who has not purchased Ghosts yet, save your money, it is awful,, hacking,cheating on day of release, says a lot dont it, Blops 2  is a far superior game overall , i had a whinge when it first came out but blops runs far smoother for my money and graphically has ghosts beat hands down,