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    Can someone explain to me what causes me to always be behind an an opponent in terms of the occurent event.

      I seem to be the host most of the time and if an host migration occurs im usually picked to be the host.


      now its clear as day to me that my opponent has an advantage over me.


      when i see my opponent and i start shooting at them , they just always seem to kill me in 2 or 3 bullets.

      after watching the replay it seems they have been shooting at me for a while lol.


      now i see half blaming this on lagg compensate and other half just saying it aint that.


      well i like to know what is causing this to happen as i would like to solve this.


      Since MW3 i really noticed that anytime im the host im getting screwed but with this game it seems it even goes beyond when im a host.


      it seems very rare that i find a good game where it doesent seem im behind.

      usually any game that already started that i join im screwed.


      any game i was in and is about to start im screwed as im getting picked to be the host.


      my best chance right now is to get in a game that is seconds away from being started and those are really really really rare.


      some help would be nice.