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    Aim assist needs to be disabled for multiplayer

      Each time a Call of Duty title is released, my friends and I are always hoping that aim assist will be disabled for multiplayer.  Once again we're dissapointed.


      As much as Black Ops 2 is an exellent game, the multiplayer for casual gamers suffers again due to people exploiting the aim assist.  The most notable and annoying example of this is with sniper rifles.


      A simple tap of the left trigger follwed by the right trigger and it's an almost garunteed kill regardless of where the player was aiming at the time.  It's not skillful, it's simple exploitation of a game mechanic, anyone can do it with a bit of practice.  There are far too many players running around with sniper rifles at point blank range 'quickscoping' for easy kills.  I know the game isn't supposed to be realistic in alot of ways, but in most of the way the game fucntions it's intended to be.  You can't run around and 'quickscope' people with a 50 lb + sniper rifle.  It simply can't be done.  Someone with a sniper rifle should not be able to outshoot someone with an smg at close range.


      I myself and others have quickly become bored of previous Call of Duty titles multiplayer, because of this reason and I can't imagine we're alone.  All I can see is the multiplayer community losing numbers, because newer players just don't stand a chance.  Before long it will be just the most experienced players and hackers playing and everyone elses copy of Black Ops 2 will be gathering dust on a shelf.


      Removing the aim assist function will completely solve this problem and players will have to use real skill to shoot eachother, as well as giving less experienced and older players (reaction speed problem, myself included) a fighting chance.

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          I love sniping but i don't quickscope (i cant) I think when you say it's as simple as pressing two buttons your wrong. Quickscoping takes skill I have tried and i'll maybe pull off a lucky shot or two but can never do it consistently. Try it and see how good you do. I dont mind quickscopers as I never really get killed off them that much (easy to kill) so I say if they want to quickscope then let them.

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            I'm crap, die more often than I kill but 100% agree with you.  Lining up your sights should be a basic requirement of an FPS.  It's a pretty basic skill too in terms of using the analogue stick, so why it needs assisting is beyond me.


            The elimination of quickscoping would be a massive bonus

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              Aim assist is pretty essential for controllers.


              Those talking about it as if it's some sort of carebear thing really should try playing with it disabled for a while.


              Disabling it would make the game pretty funny though.

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                Sniper Rifles should have a fighting chance at close range, considering it is a gun, its bullets go straight they can't curve.  You're lucky they just didn't say Sniper Rifles should be like the Snipers in Halo, Tiny dot for a crosshair and perfect noscope accuracy, where the barrel is the bulelts go! They do not weigh 50lbs. Heavier caliber Snipers weigh 30lbs and some as light as 15lbs.

                Overall more importantly, Almost all full auto guns in this game will destroy a sniper in close quarters hipfiring. Almost all fullauto guns ADS twice as fast, even faster with quickdraw, so a Sniper doesn't have the time needed to Aim. Snipers need to line up their shot and actually have to hold the LT longer than you think they do.


                I admit Snipers do seem more powerful in this game but in terms of balance, Snipers were horribly outgunned in previous CODS (Except Mw2). The only thing snipers had going for them was their awareness and stealth. Motion Sensors, perks with louder footsteps, ghost, assassin, marksmen. All of that is gone. If you think about it Most perks don't even help Snipers in this game!


                If they didn't have the fighting chance they have now they would be a waste of data on the disc like in Black Ops 1. Their only purpose was to look cool lol.


                Give it time if the Snipers become "OP" then Treyarch will probably nerf it. For now strafing and jumping can really throw a sniper off in close quarters letting you drop them with ease

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                    But you're clearly an expeinced player.  My whole point is this stuff is screwing over new players.  I can take out quickscopers easily myself, it's new players I feel sorry for.  Most quickscopers I've encountered are very poor players tactically.  They're zombies with the only thought of killing and love the feeling of one hit kills.  The game mode is irrelevent to them.


                    Remove aim assist and everyone is on th same playing field.

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                    Last time I checked aim assist doesnt work with snipers... And quick scoping is a lot harder then it looks. Its not some easy task. But I agree aim assist does need to be fixed, not disabled. The fact that my cursor follows you through the wall way after you went inside a building and I can shoot through the wall like putty is a bit much.

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                      I agree 100 percent. 

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