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    Lag compensation after latest patch (11/21/12)

      After severe lag and interruptions with the release version of the game it worked quite fine for me. The following patch brought back "connection interrupted" once in a while and today's patch now gave me an extra share of lag compensation as it seems.

      The game is already fast as it is so anything on top makes it really absurd to play. I saw several people with only 3 yellow bars in the lobbies too.


      Anyone with the same impressions? Might have been a coincidence but I really don't want to get into that boat again.

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          Re: Lag compensation after latest patch (11/21/12)

          The latest patch has made it unplayable for me hands down. Several times i would go behind a wall after see a nade land to avoid it and die and in the kill cam it shows me standing right next to it when it goes off insted of me being behind the wall.


          i have a 40mb down/5mb up connection and im being punished for it obviously.



          PS: This is with a full 4 bar connection and search preferences set to best.

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            Re: Lag compensation after latest patch (11/21/12)

            The game is unplayable, you're either owning like a boss or getting your ass kicked every which way, there is NO skill involved in this, it's totally dependant on the lobby, it's ruined the game for me. I also feel I need to add that the format of this forum is appaling, it's not twitter ffs. How about some categories and headings, jesus it's like trawling through syrup trying to find a post.

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              Re: Lag compensation after latest patch (11/21/12)

              I never been so frustrated by a game, since the last patch..For my part it's unplayable too. I come from Belgium, I have a good internet (7ms ping - 35 mbps) and a good pc but I'm still getting most of the time insta killed. Sometimes when I watch the killcam, I don't even shoot but in reality I shoot en entire clip....

              I wish they'll read those posts about this (big) issue, because right now it's just a nightmare.

              Anyway I love the game, it's just too bad that the lag ruins everything.


              P.S: sorry for my english

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                  Re: Lag compensation after latest patch (11/21/12)

                  The game is simply too fast for such an amount of compensation. I'm fine with the idea behind the compensation, saying that noone with a better connection should have an edge over someone else. That would be pay2win.

                  But: It mustn't be the other way around either. People shouldn't be punished for having a better connection and lose matches against people with bad connections.


                  In another thread I saw a compensation of 0.25s, that's just rediculous. If I compare this to the latency I get to the west coast of the United States, around 120ms, it means that my signal can travel around the world once before I get to react. That's far too much compensation in comparison to the real latency differences that *could* be there.

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                  Re: Lag compensation after latest patch (11/21/12)

                  Maybe it's me, or the people I'm playing against lately but I am of the mind that the latest couple of patches have tweaked the lag compensation a bit, to the better for me at least. I know it's still there but it doesn't seem to be the factor it once was when the game was released.


                  Reason I say is because my score and k/d have improved a lot lately. Could be me getting used to the game, and the map layouts, or just learning how to play with the lag compensation. Either way it seems better lately.


                  I wish people would stop saying "I have 10mb up and 50mb down so I'm being punished for it" - It has NOTHING to do with your personal upload/download speed in this regard. You could have 1000mb down/up and it wouldn't matter. What DOES matter is the latency of the nodes along your route from you and your ISP to the server you're playing on. In other words you're speed is only as fast as the site you're connected to. You could have a 1mb up/down speed and have the same exact gaming experience as someone with 100mb up/down.

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                    Re: Lag compensation after latest patch (11/21/12)

                    Whatever they did on wednesday it totaly ruined game for me im loosing every single 1v1 + bullet reg dosent look right either .

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                      Re: Lag compensation after latest patch (11/21/12)

                      Its quite funny watching killcam - There is little to no correlation to what your client shows compared to what the killcam shows.


                      Not so strange if the delay is almost 300 ms.



                      When i started PC gaming we wantet 20-40 ms ping to the server, we choose these servers using somthing called a "server browser"


                      The "server Browser" listed somthing called "dedicated Servers"


                      These "dedicated servers" had somthing called "Admins"


                      These Admins made sure if somone was beeing an idiot or cheated they were "banned"


                      "Banned" meant they could not ruin the game for other players on that server anymore.


                      Oh well, I`m getting old i guess, since you young studs actually accsept this.


                      In my time we would vote with our feet - the patcses would come so hard and fast you would have to forgive the developers and come back to the game.

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