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      I am a big fan of first person shooters, I love video games!  I am also employed and make a good living.  If I pay for a product, I expect that a product perform AS ADVERTISED!


      I am so tired of the excuses of recent release - the lag is going to be there, it will get patched, and give it one more try.  Well today I did give it another try.  I found that I was on probation!  Probation!  Probation for what?  For spending hard earned money on this game and expect it to perform?  To expect it not to lag, to expect it not to drop a lobby, to not have your attachments revert back to basic load out, and to expect not to have to dump a full magazine into someone - only to have them shoot you once and you die! 


      I know that this rant will go unanswered or someone will say waaahhhhhh - suck it up.  I just wanted to express my distaste.  So much distaste that the game is going to be returned and if I do not get a refund - then the game will end up in the shredder!  I expected so much from this game and was only to be severly disapointed!


      So long story short, a customer is lost.  I wil not recommend this game, nor will not buy anything that Treyarch claims to be revolutionary.  This game is garbage, the servers are garbage - it's a shame that the community has to suffer!  I hate that people are getting penalized for paying for a game!  Probation for quiting a game is total BS!  How do expect people to stay in the game, if you get shot because of lag.  It's not my fault that you can't get your stuff together and provide decent servers or engines that actually make the game bearable!  The engine/vehicle platform is a mere step above Mario Cart! 


      Treyarch has not impressed me!


      Here is an example of this fine product in action:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j-YoXtRWRc&feature=g-user-u

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          Re: BO 2 is a COMPLETE LET DOWN!

          I agree, the server is complete garbage and the team with the least lag has full advantage. that is not skill. Been on both sides... Was ranked 2nd prestige level 42 and then they reset all my hard work all of the sudden. Makes me wanna sell my xbox I am so pissed off. Combat record on elite now is one death because when I realized it I lagged out of the lobby so slow someone shot me. What the Hell, my Locked calling card alone shows I have played this game for 25 killcams!! Thanks Treyarch!!

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