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    Are Zombies Better than Bad Allies ?

      Zombie pro players understand the pain of this Topic.......Zombies hardly can down the Pros, But Zombies with the help of the friendly players who is not playing as a team easily down the team leaving the team down in early stages. They create a massive wave and attack you from behind. 2 down in a single hit.


      Thats the reason Trearch noticed and introduced it as Grief now. But we were playing grief throughout our Zombie career.


      I am not against the entry level gamers. I am here for Pro players who help to discuss on how to overcome these. Not just switching Lobbies. Coz I am a lonely wolf and a Pro and always play with someone online and trust thy team players. Same reason we fail. We should probably have an universal code. Like we usually jump before Max Ammo. Coz English is not gonna help us all the time(You guys have that experience?)


      There is a rule to Revive a downed team mate "Never shoot the zombies when your brother Down" is the rule. You know what happens....They will open Random box for Fire sale and Shoot Zombies for double points when the team mate is still Down. When multiplayer have objectives....Zombies have its own objectives.



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