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    Black Ops 2 not loading

      I decided few minutes ago to launch Black Ops 2 multiplayer but it didn't.. this is what happened:

      1. I double clicked BO2 multiplayer icon

      2. Logged in to steam

      3. then came up some weekly updates and Avira detects it as a virus

      4. the game wont launch and it is just stuck with this:http://prntscr.com/kavwf

      that is for few seconds, then it just closes and nothing happens


      what is wrong? I already did in BO2 multiplayer that verify gamecache thing but it didn't help.

      also, I went to virusquarantine on avira and I deleted the "virus" it detected there but it didn't help!


      Anyone, please help me with this huge issue!


      EDIT: Single player, multiplayer or zombies wont load as well. But then Black Ops 1 loads as well my other steam games

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          Re: Black Ops 2 not loading

          Avast is blocking my black ops 2. Its blocking a file called binkw32.dll. Anyone know a solution besides turn off my anti virus?

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            Re: Black Ops 2 not loading

            Same issue here. Was playing fine 30 mins ago.. went and ate lunch than come back and it doesnt work 


            Avast detects it as malware

            Have excluded black ops folder from avasts scan list so the game now load but guess what


            Cant find any damn games !


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              Re: Black Ops 2 not loading

              i'm experiencing the same problem

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                Re: Black Ops 2 not loading

                I have been having the same problem aswell.


                I was able to play BO2 earlier today for a few hours, came back on to play again later and Avast detects binkw32.dll as malware. Searched around for binkw32.dll and all I've really found out is it's for the Bink Video Codec. Seems like it may have gotten infected somehow, but it is most likely just a false positive on Avast's part, either way I can't launch BO2 because of it.


                I'm reinstalling the game right now, but Avast already identified binkw32.dll as malware as soon as I started the BO2 download. So I don't think there will be any hope there. I'm gonna try other things tomorrow, hopefully this will be resolved by then.

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                  Re: Black Ops 2 not loading

                  Same problem. I cannot open bo2 single or multiplayer. It worked fine yesterday and last night is the first time I was not able to play.


                  So basically, there are a lot of people with this problem, not many players in multiplayer, and I see no responses from treyarch.


                  Try to open game from steam and it pops up the dialog box that says it's loding and then that just goes away and nothing... not even an error report or anything.


                  So I read here that it's avast that's blocking it due to a file: binkw32.dll


                  I uninstalled avast, restarted and it's still doing the same thing... Won't load the game.


                  Accountability please... Tell us that you are aware of the problem and are working on it, as I paid for a game and can't use it right now...

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                      Re: Black Ops 2 not loading

                      Hello guys,

                      i've today reinstalled Avast! and used other antivirus programs such as Avira and Microsoft Security Essentials. Still not working.


                      I contacted Avast email support and they were surprisingly fast. They told me to update the program&database and if the problem persits, I had to send them email again telling the problem.


                      I just sent the another email and I will let you guys here know how it will work..


                      this is definitely on avasts! fault, not treyarch I believe.


                      EDIT: If you go to Steam Apps -> Common -> Black Ops 2 & and click the multiplayer icon, it will say that binkw32dll is missing from the computer, try to reinstall to fix the problem


                      --> reinstalling haven't helped yet, this is my 2nd time uninstalling bO2 multiplayer nowz

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                      Re: Black Ops 2 not loading

                      1:Start Avast anti virus

                      2:In right part of Avast window click SETTINGS

                      3:In left pane of pop up click Exclusions

                      4:Click Browse and navigate to the folder you want to exclude.Choose Steam folder.

                      5:Click Ok

                      6:back in Avast main screen click REAL TIME SHIELDS.

                      7:click FIEL SYSTEM SHIELD

                      8:Click EXPERT SETTINGS

                      9:Click EXCLUSIONS

                      10:Click ADD then browse to Steam folder

                      11:Click ok and close Avast window

                      12:Verify Black ops folder again and let it update

                      13:Play game and get annoyed by the campers(snipers),bunny hoppers and sprinting knifers.

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