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    random rant, plus personal interview with a 3arc dev

      I know most of this has been covered but I just feel like venting and pretending the devs actually read the forums


      to start I am one of the people who has been locked out of mp since day 1 but no big deal it is just a video game I don't mind waiting for a fix but what really pisses me off is no public acknowledgement or even an apology, it would ne nice to know if theres even a fix coming or should I just sell my copy

      another thing that sucks is CoD is my stress relief, I work in the poorest community in Canada(downtown east side Vancouver) in a very high stress job I've been assaulted twice tonight alone, it's nice to go home and shoot people but nope error stress relief not available


      I was at the launch party here and I met 2 of the developers, Mark Yetter and Tony Flame. I had some questions that they were more then happy to answer for me! stuff like


      Q:was the ps3 versions developed seperately from the xbox version?

      A: Yes each versions had a different development team! (doesn't really seem to be the case though)


      Q:is the hardcore community represented better?  did you give us more game modes?

      A: Yes we have added more game modes for HC! (well that was a load of ****)


      Q: have you guys improved the hit detection?

      A: Yes it's drasticly improved!


      Q: Can you please make sure the hardcore comminuty gets represented and get us more game modes like domination? (yes I asked twice)

      A: yeah I will definatly bring to Von!


      Q: will you guys be doing DLC other then maps like adding guns?

      A: that's something we have definatly been looking into and would love to do!


      Q: Speaking about DLC, can you stop ******* us on maps and start adding more maps per pack?

      A:Yeah we have been looking into more things we can do about map packs other then just 4 maps!


      Q: Can you improve the grenade throw, it feels a little weak?

      A: I'll definatly bring that to Von!


      Q: is the emblem editior back?

      A: Yes!


      Q: did you learn nothing from the massive penis fiasco that was black ops 1?

      A: *nervous laugh*


      Q:do you like what you do?

      A: I love what I do, make games is awesome!


      Q: so it's not about the money for you?

      A: well people gotta get paid!


      Q: you get a bonus if we break records again this year?

      A: no comment!


      Q: so are you guys gonna make black ops 3, should I prepare to line up in 2 years from now?

      A: *nervous laugh, shift eyes* I can't talk about that!



      I asked more questions that have already been answered just from playing the game and theres probbaly stuff I am forgetting



      and a funny launch party story!!

      the first person in line was a young man named Charlie, he arrived at 1pm the day before to make sure he got his xbox care package!

      my friends and I turned up at 5pm to be second through 6th

      so we wait play games chat etc. and finally just before the doors open a lady comes out holding some slips of paper 5 ps3 5 xbox, she tells us the paper is to make sure the first bunch of people in line get the hardened edition, but since charlie wants a care package he declines

      now last year the paper was pointless for MW3 as they had several hundred copies of the hardened edition

      but this year it turns out they actually only had 5 copies of each! ouch

      so the doors open and Charlie runs to the counter to buy his care package, but oh no! best buy doesnt have any care packages available! and now poor Charlie can't even get a hardened edition without a slip of paper!

      sorry Charlie but hey atleast you won that $50 best buy gift card



      tl;dr stfu go back and read it all