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    Zombies Rules - Entry level to Pro Slayers

      We (I mean the Zombies universe) need to come up with the Zombies rules for proper gameplay. Lets start helping each other out to this initiative :


      Rule # 1


      Do not Kill your Teammate - I already posted a Blog "Are zombies are better than bad allies?". Friends kill us more than zombies do. I see several posts looking for a good slayers. Its very hard in this universe indeed.


      Solution - Stay in a surrounding and take care of it and do not enter your friends territory unless necessary. (Do not egage from behind - Creating a wave and hit your friend from the back) I believe anybody who can fairly play can survive in a small place like a garage. All you need to know how to form a Rail and group them up.


      Rule # 2


      Never Shoot when your brother Downed - I have seen so many times when I am downed, My teammate shooting at zombies to Rack up points just for Double points are active for 30sec or open up a Random box when a fire sale.


      Sometimes they will jump over you and never revive, even there is no  zombies around.


      Solution - When you see the Reviv tag. Stop shooting and group all the zombies in one place and then run to your frined, this will enable you to revive without any zombies around. I have succeeded 100% with this strategy. For the Downed ally - Dont Ever shoot with your Ray Gun when you are downed, Coz it will respawn the Zombies when your Friend reach you to revive.


      If you follow this rule. You will not need Quick revive at all and go for other Perks.


      Rule # 3


      Specialize with any weapon you have. I have seen so many people in BO1 open the random box 100 times just wanting for a Thunder gun or Ray Gun. Even the other Frined have a T GUN(Madness right)


      Solution - Atleast for this reason, Rank up in PLAY MULTIPLAYER. This will give massive idea to tackle zombies with any weapon. (There are so many people doesnt know how a knife kill can rack up points rather than a Raygun). Good players will never go for a wonder weapon in early rounds.


      Rule # 4


      Rack up Points - Racking up points will act as an extreme backup post 30 rounds. Use an LMG and a High rate of fire gun(A Submachine gun to run fast). Knife the zombies(Gknukle them) until round 20. Use your gun and Knife(I agree that you cannot just knife them around 20 - you should dhot them and knife them for maximum points).


      Never break Rule # 1 to fullfill Rule # 4 - Thats the reason this is Rule # 4, points are low priority than your team.


      Never Steal points. Dont try to just pop into someone who formed a wave and start shooting. It will annoy the other player.


      Rule # 5


      Play as team - Zombies for Fun, So lets love each other player and understand their strategy. Not everybody will play alike, someone might be good in one way the other and lacks a bit. Never complain on that....Help your team to get to know basics. This will be more fun than just killing zombies 1000times again and again. Its one of the Challenge for Zombie players.


      Remember the primary objective is to play as a team against the undead.


      Rule # 6


      Use your Mic - This Rule can be placed in any slot, But since BO have global fans we have linguistic problems. I will say dont open the door and a team mate wll do exactly opposite. So lets use the Jump and Knife strategy to communicate. It worked so far atleast.


      Rule # 7


      This for later Rounds - Utilize the whole environment offered by Trearch. Trearch designed so many stuffs but most of us never used it. But now complaining that the maps are small. We have the Zombie Shield, MP5 and Glav in Diner which is one of the best example. AK74 and Electric Trap in Power Station.


      Help me to add more rules. Though we are not bind by any Rules in Zombies Lol


      Will update soon on Perks and other cool stuffs. Happy Slaying


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          Re: Zombies Rules - Entry level to Pro Slayers


            If you played BO1, then you should know how a Gas Zombie helps to kill a bunch of zombies. same you need to apply in Town, If you ran out of your Ray Gun. Wasting around 20 mins to Find a Ray Gun is Madness. Try to get the Zombies on fire and blow the Bunch. I know its hard to kill them with a Gun even PAP. You should not wait for a Ray Gun. Use your Mustag and Sally as a last option. Sometimes I will go mad/Panic as you have mentioned and will start shooting more Ammo than Necessary. Buy Double Tap in later rounds and you can use any PAP gun after round 50. That will kill a bunch and with two weapons. You can end a round. There is another suicide game type you can do. Create a massive wave and down yourself, you will have more ammo in your must and sally. Since you will have more points. and would be good even without Jug, you can do this. This is a S**T strategy. But in deep, its good. Since we dont have any traps in BO2. If you aim for the head and kill many zombies - you will probably get a Perk. Any perk after round 40 is precious, except double points. You know it better by now. You said "you will kite them in 47-51 if ran out" - Find the best wall weapon that suits u and complete that level instead of wasting time in finding a new weapon. Coz each try will take you around 40 to 60 seconds, even more in later rounds. Since time is very important in your case. You should never waste your time in trying your luck. Just shoot them with whatever you find. This will lead you a two or three level more. And sorry mate, Its very difficult to reach 65 in 12 hours. Trearch just provided guns with no luck against these Zombies in Town. So use your skills and my tips if helps you out. And let us know wher you went.


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            Re: Zombies Rules - Entry level to Pro Slayers


                  Weapon strategy for sole. Mustang and sally is a Must/Primary weapon until your game over. No second thought in it, any good zombie player will advise the same. Yes we do have the Ammo Problem. Thats the only reason we need to use it as a last resort. You need to shoot one bullet with the Sally and then shoot with your secondary weapon. Shoot at the middle of the wave and try to land your bullet in ground for maximum impact. Guys, this guy need tip for level 50 and above and dont post comments less than 50 which will not help him anyone that really needs some tip for 50 and above. MP5 - MP115 is a bad choice after round 40. Coz you only have 240 rounds and you will run out in no Time. But still you can use it to rack points and kill a wave with 440 or 640 rounds. M14 - MNESIA is a good choice, since it is more powerful and have 208 rounds. But the only problem is the rate of fire. OLYMPIA - HADES is also Very powerful. But the range is a problem. Sometimes you will be down in a single hit in Later rounds. So stay away from them is very important. This is ruled out. I would never open random box until round 20. Coz i will combine Glav and M14 to get max points until 20 and then try my luck. But since points is not your issue. You shall skip it, But keep in mind that M14 and Mnesia is very powerful. You try all the wall weapons PAP. The reason I insist wall weapons is, If you master them. You will have a Promissing weapon in handy and less panic. Now we get to the Random Box. Raygun, RPG, any LMG(HAMR Pref), Monkey - Except this, everything you get is SH!T. I have mentioned the importance in order. No need to explain the Ray, Its the second best gun after Mustang and Sally. RPG - Is one of the best gun, Because, when you PAP, you can fire 8 rounds without reload and you have 48 powerful Rockets. HAMR or Sledge Hammer is the third best weapon you can get and only upgraded Snipers have same equal preference, But they lack in ROF. So HAMR stays in third place.  Assault rifles are of less useful here. But you should only use them after PAP after round 45. Since you have less time and the Zoms are very hard to kill. (Micro Aerator is very powerful and you have 378 rounds) Sniper class is Extremely powerful in any round and the Ammo is considerably high 108 for Dead spec. But again, you need to spend more time to kill zombies, since the rate of fire is very low. I will not say EMP is better than Monkey in SOLO. So EMP ruled out.


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              Re: Zombies Rules - Entry level to Pro Slayers

              Good list, allthough your English could use a little work

              Btw, why did u choose HAMR for third place? My opinion is

              1) Pistols PAP'd

              2) Raygun

              3) Galil ! ( This weapon is a beast, it kills zombies over rounds 40 without beeing PAP'd.)


              No order in rounds, i agree fully with the M14 + knife and when u run out just PAP the M14 then continue.

              When you are getting into trouble beeing able to knife them all before they start to form packs, just run and shoot the heads once the stepped over some lava. The whole pack goes like knife through a butter.

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                  Re: Zombies Rules - Entry level to Pro Slayers

                  No Mate - I copied my post I have made in a Different Blog "World record for Town Solo PS3" posted by Bowie. He is trying to reach 65 round in 12 hours. I just copied that it would help others too.


                  Lava strategy is the Basic in Town. So, almost everyone aware of that.


                  Galil is good, I agree. But have 350 rounds without Pap and 425 rounds with PAP which totals 775 rounds. But HAMR PAPed contains 750 rounds + without PAPed is Bonus. And when you get Max Ammo, you get 390 rounds for a PAPed Galil, But you get 625 rounds for a PAPed HAMR. Ammo plays a vital role in Black ops 2 Zombies. So HAMR goes to 3rd place with no doubt. Its your personal preference that you can keep Galil and ran out of Ammo quick and run for a Random box in mid of a round Lol. I am not against Galil, Its good, But not good enough in later rounds.


                  And the strategy was for the people who get to more than level 40. Less than 30, anything is good. After that, even Raygun wont do good in some scenario.

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