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    Ranking System in Zombies (Zombie Prestige)

      Zombies... When Black Ops II was introduced, there were no longer the original zombies that we all knew of. Zombies were transformed into a whole new game. First off, it is now possible to prestige in zombies, ( The game gives you no choice, it happens by itself ). The prestige system is very complicated, and the devs aren't answering any questions, so i will break it down for you.

      There are currently 5 prestiges
      1: One Bone - You start out with this prestige, if you are good at zombies you should reach the next prestige in about one game.
      2: Two Bones - This is the second prestige, it is very common throughout people who have tried out zombies, but do not play it often. It is still very easy to     level up to the next prestige.
      3: Skull - This prestige is the one of the two most common prestiges in zombies due to the fact that there is a glitch* where a person freezes at a prestige.     At this prestige, ranking up becomes harder then usual, you will be required to use every factor** to level up quickly.
      4: Skull w/ Glowing Eyes - The second most common prestige due to the glitch*. It becomes hard to level up from this prestige. Leveling up from this               prestige requires significant gameplay. You will be stuck at this prestige for quite a bit. One Suggestion to level up: Play Play Play!!
      5: Skull w/ Dagger in Background - Very uncommon prestige. People who have played zombies for a significant amount of time will have this prestige             emblem. This is currently the last prestige, although there are rumors that there are other prestiges such as two daggers in the background, two daggers     + glowing eyes, etc. I Personally cannot approve these "rumors" as i have never seen anybody with this prestige emble


      Ranking up through prestiges

      There are several factors you need to consider, each one is important, and there is no significant difference between them:
      1: Kills
      2: Revives
      3: Headshots - gain more EXP for kills
      4: Giblets
      5: Perks Drank
      6: Doors Opened
      7: Hits
      8: Traveled Miles

      9: Downs - These will decrease your EXP
      10: Deaths - These will decrease your EXP as well.


      EXP cannot be directly viewed, but can be estimated by the player through the above stats.I


      Are those the only things that level you up in zombies?

      Nope, those are some of the factors. One thing people do not take into consideration is SCORE. For example:
      Player 1: 1000 kills, 100 knife kills
      Player 2: 1000 kills, 0 knife kills
      For this example, assume that these 2 players have the same stats (such as perks drank, giblets, etc.). Altough knife kills aren't an emblem in zombies, and don't have a direct effect on EXP, they have an effect on your score. Player 1 obviously has more score because of the knifing he/she has done. This player will have more EXP than the other player, and will possible have a bigger prestige


      RE: GLITCH
      The glitch switches two prestiges. For example, you may notice that you went straight from one bone to a skull. This glitch switched the two bones/skull emblems, so the next time you prestige, it will appear as if you got deranked. Skipping prestiges is just a glitch, it switches the order you get the emblems at.





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          I felt like i should also say that i am currently the last prestige, and i was "stuck" on prestige 4 as well.

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              Never personally got stuck. I'm a skull/knife/blue eyes, and 5 ticks. If that's the last one then i'm disappointed that when i'm not even good at this game yet, i've already reached the peak...


              I mean that can't be it, there has to be higher ones.

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                  Sorry for the inconvinience, it took me long to reply. First off, this is still me, Parkour Wolf, the account that i was using to create the thrread has issues right now [ The password/username combination is incorrect ]. I know im using the right password/username, so idk whats up with that. Anyways, back to business. You WILL be dissapointed to find out that treyarc has not yet created higher prestiges. I will no longer like to call these levels "prestiges", but rather subdivisions. When i was playing yesterday, i noticed that it IS possible to get demoted to the previous subdivision. This is based on your K/D ratio, where the K stands for kills and the D stands for downs. For example: if you play a game with 700 kills, and 1 down which ends the game, it will be very likely for you to rank up to the next subdivision. However if you end the game with 100 kills and 5 downs, you will get demoted. I do not know how/why this happens, but i cold 100% approve. This happened to me quite a bit, where i get demoted for doing badly, and go right back up after a good game. Treyarc is currently working on a patch for the "glitch" that i described, as well as map packs. Maybe they will throw in a couple of other "prestiges" too?

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                      So my 19k to 160-170 k/d ratio is why I am so highly ranked then? If that is true then I completely approve of this method. That's like 112 kills per down for me. Iwould actually like it to be a lot higher. Actually it was a lot higher before I played a game with these kids that turned off the power when I got to town, and bought Jugg. Didn't know they were turning it off, and so I was playing normally. Got downed, and I thought that was strange, but anyways one of them revived me, and I got downed again trying to buy Jugg. Got revived again, and tried to buy Jugg again, and I finally realised they turned off the power...


                      It was my fault for not realising it, but seriously you gotta tell people you're doing that type of stuff man haha. Ended that game with less than 100 kills, and I believe 5 downs as right after I got downed I tried running to turn the power back on, and got screwed by the bus hitting me into the hoard behind me lol.


                      However, I must say that I didn't go down in rank for that game, even though we only made it to round 6, and I had around 60 kills. People like that are the reason I prefer solo...

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                  they changed it, I used to have the zombie with the skull with glowing blue eyes and a knife behind it plus 5 dash marks, then the next day it didn't have glowing eyes and only had 4 dash marks, idk why I didn't get demoted

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                      This is still Parkour Wolf, my account has issues.. sorry. But i could answer yourr question with this acc So, first off, there aree two options. Either it is a lag/glitch/hack which is very unlikely, or you played a game and logged off right away without checking if you got demoted. Remember, after you end a game, it will take about a minute to register your new prestige, whether you got demoted or not. It IS possible to go back to the last prestige if you do bad in a zombie game. That has happened to me too my friend. A great way to level back up is to play survival on town starting on round 15 with hellhounds enabled, easy difficulty. Get kills, dont get down!! have fun leveling if you want to play with me, send me a friend request on xbox @ Parkour Wolf

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                        there is a bug when u get gold camo in multiplayer you get deranked from zombies and are stuck. I got blue eyes now i have normal skull.

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                        Can get shotguns behind aswell? i seen this i think

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                          I like to see this explained.  I'm slowly gaining up to it.  i've just been doing it by myself lately.  But I've had this irk me for so long.  Are gibs your repairing barricades?  It's weird seeing you call it giblets, and I'm just now finding out that to gib something it means to fix/repair it. lol  Can you lighten some truth to it?

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                              I feel like a torch, because ima light up some truth right now You have the wrong definition of "gibs", my friend. Gibs is short for Giblets, which is a body part of a zombie. That doesn't make sense right now, huh? Well, let me put it to you like this: You shoot a zombie, and its hand comes off. Guess what? the hand that comes off is a giblet. Example 2: you throw a grenade at a zombie, the legs come off and it becomes a crawler. The legs are a giblet too. So basically, any body part that gets disconnected from the zombie itself is a giblet. The reason this matters for leveling up is because it sort of shows that you, as a player know how to effectively shoot a zombie, whether you need to kill it fast and headshot it, or you need a slow zombie so you make it a crawler. Keep in mind that it is possible to get demoted to the previous subdivision (prestige). So it all depends whether you do good or not in a game. Although kills/headshots/gibs matter, downs and deaths have an even bigger effect on your level. Keep your downs low!! if you have an xbox, come play with me [Parkour Wolf], if not, feel free to reply/chat me whenever you have questions, or just need to talk


                              P.S. This is still Parkour Wolf, the account i used to create the thread has issues right now, sorry.

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                              I got my account back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the account andriyko was me guys sorry!! if you want to join my clan or play zombies with me so i can explain this to you in person, join me on xbox guys!! "Parkour Wolf"

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                                there is a blue eyed skull with double shotguns...last rank as far as I know...I've had it for a couple days but stopped playing now...check the top of the leaderboards and you should find a few people with this rank...not hard to find

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                                  i thought the emblems change when you beat your previous round record? Thats the way it seamed to me anyway, and i've seen an emblem skull with shotguns behind it before.

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                                    there is a bug when u get gold camo in multiplayer you get deranked from zombies and are stuck forever on the derank. (treyarch?)

                                    also the highest i've seen is from relaxingend, this guy plays zombies 24/7: