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    Friday's Topic - Can't get online? Strict NAT type? This may help: Back To Basics

      Hi, It is Friday. No Joke, No Story... just a (maybe) helpful hint


      DISCLAIMER: This has (always) worked for me, it has also worked for others... I hope *fingers crossed* it works for you (sincerely)


      Back To Basics - The Ignorant User


      It seems to me (ignorant theory) that a lot of things people have done to make their MW3 experience better, is messing themselves up for BO2.


      This simple "fix" worked for someone I suggest yesterday.  It is the setup I have always used... it is so simple it just might work for you as well:



      If you router supports uPnP... turn it on, and:


      - Take your PS3 out of the DMZ, and do not provide it with a static IP (not required)

      - Turn off port forwarding and NAT (not required)

      - Do not mess with QoS (I am a poet and didn't know it... ok Friday Humor)

      - on The PS3 when setting up the network settings, leave everything default (let everything happen automatic/do not set anything/enable uPnP)

      - (basically setup your network as an ignorant user who knows nothing)


      This may or may not work for you, but someone yesterday had uPnP turned off (because his router would mess up if it was on). He upgraded the firmware (something you should maybe check into), turned on uPnP and BAM!!!


      he got online.


      I sincerely hope this helps anyone who has been missing out on happy gaming


      (and before this turns into a lag compensation discussion... No this does not help with lag, but it may get you online).


      ------ side notes


      Check your Router's support page to see if it supports uPnP, and how to turn it on.




      When you enable uPnP on a device, it essentially makes said device a potential Internet server as "all ports" are opened (for lack of better terms). One would think : "Ports Open!? Security hole!!!"


      Don't worry about it:


      - It is no less secure than having it in the DMZ

      - Devices behind your router do not have publicly advertised IPs

      - Your PS3 is not a server (I do not believe it supports telnetting and FTPing to/from it by default, without applying some 3rd party tools which I doubt is supported in any way shape or form - comments?!)

      - If you are truly concerned, change your default router IP from (typical) to something else... like or whatever (remember they are not public)

      - Change the default DHCP range to something non typical.. like 150-200 in the /24 netmask ( mask with 50 supported devices that can connect... do you have more than 50 devices on your network? doubt it...)



      Leave feedback, corrections, etc... for others, and myself (nobody is perfect).


      Am I an expert? No... some of my colleagues and co-workers know more than I, so I would say no...

      Do I have any expertise? Yes...

      What Expertise do I have? You would not believe me if I told you. But let's just say I have never had any issues with my networking (no matter how simple, or complicated) I have made my home/work networking setups (oops did I just hint and some expertise?)


      EDIT: In no way am I trying to dismantle any opposing, or complimentary information you have or will ever receive by anyone else (on this forum, or anywhere else). It just concerns me that so many people are not being able to enjoy the game they purchased.  If something can help even 1 person... that is 1 more person online!


      Happy Gaming



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          Re: Friday's Topic - Can't get online? Strict NAT type? This may help: Back To Basics

          self bump as it was posted this morning...


          again, hope this helps someone.

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            Re: Friday's Topic - Can't get online? Strict NAT type? This may help: Back To Basics

            An old post, but deservs a bump with this addendum:


            I see someone people complaining that they put their PS3s in the DMZ, and still have issues after port forwarding.




            Because it is redundant and you are confusing the router. Having a device in the DMZ means that all the ports to that device are open, so port forwarding is NOT required.


            If you are having issues with your NAT type/Joining parties etc:


            1 - Assign a Static IP to the PS3 and port forward (look up the ports) - safe but can be problematic if not all the required ports are open

            2 - Put the PS3 in the DMZ (procedures on how to do this exist) - safe for a PS3, but not you PC (as an example)

            3 - Enable uPnP on your router - debatable how safe this is (see above), but the easiest setup

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