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    Black Ops 2 - Zombies *FREEZING*

      It was working just fine yesterday but now everytime im in the lobby and the match is about to start, it freezes. I tried playing solo and it was working just fine until 5 minutes into the game, it froze. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Re: Black Ops 2 - Zombies *FREEZING*

          Sorry for the extended time reply, this is spreading across PS3 Systems across the globe.


          Reason: There is a error inside the game, usually when an error occours, we have either


          1.A Back up (This will Fix the error, so you can carry on enjoying the game)


          2.Long term soloution ( This will Fix the error, but you will have to quit the game, these are most common errors on computers, like the Infamous "Don't Send" Error that occurs on PC platforms when a game has crashed)


          Then there is the bad errors.


          3.Destructive error (This error can not be fixed by the gaming system, the game does not have a long-term soloution, nor a backup, the Ps3 system has no possible way of fixing it by itself, to prevent further damage to the Game or System, the Game Locks up the hard-drive and freezes the game on-purpose, this will prevent any more damage to the ps3 system, the only means of a soloution is a patch, i,e downloaded)


          4. Syntaxby error (this error is the most dangerous in all history, there is no soloution for it, apart from downloadable patch, but the reason it is so destructive, is when the error is occouring, the Gaming System Does not Lock-up its harddrive and freeze, The ps3 system doesn't recongize it as an error, thus not locking up, and this will cause further damage to the gaming system.




          1.Destructive error ( this is the error you are experiecing now, the "Freeze" error, it will be fixed by a patch)


          2.Syntaxby error, (This also happens in black ops 2 nazi zombies, If your sound goes crackly, unable to hear anything, apart from static noises, that is this error, it is causing damage to your system, and your harddrive doesn't freeze up, this will happen in Zombies gamemode, however you must turn off your system when this happens to prevent further damage)


          After a long time of hearing this "noise" your system will lock-up and freeze, Why?


          This is the most dangerous PROBLEM of all, that is not your harddrive, this error will cause your game to burn up and break your whole system, your Ps3 System has had an EMERGENCY SHUT-DOWN.


          A Syntaxaby error uses 4X as much power than a ps3 without this error, the Static noises require much more power to use, and it will fry your PSU unit's and eventually blow it up internally and destroying your ps3.



          Fixes: This error can not be fixed unless by a patch, there may be ways of assisting the game dealing with these errors "Cleaning inside ps3 from dust"


          "Make sure Disc is clean" "Make sure plugs are stable"


          But there is no actual way of fixing these errors without a patch, a patch is expected sometime from 28-th 3rd December, let us hope that it is fixed ASAP.

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