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    Black Ops 2 already hacked on Xbox 360?

      So i just joined my friends party and noticed he was Max level (Special Prestige Emblem) Already on Black Ops 2 and he told me how there are people who already made the same kind of "Hack"lobby's as we all know from modern warfare 2 were you can unlock any prestige you want.


      I started looking on youtube after wards and found the video he told me about and told me the kids his gamertag and a few minuts later i got a invite to a private match now i didn't join cause im not sure if this is legit?


      I'm just amazed that so shortly after the release the game is already being hacked by several people and this seems to happen to every single Call of Duty being made do the makers even try to protect the game from these kind of modded lobby's?


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