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    Black Ops 2 Black screen

      I just recently bought Blackops 2 on pc and installed it completely together with Multiplayer and Zombies and Steam but it wont start. Whenever I start it up it the screen just goes dark. Or even in some times the call of Duty black ops 2 logo just pops up. Please Help!

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          Re: Black Ops 2 Black screen

          That's a graphic card issue.


          Just minimize the game once and maximize agan.Screen will appear.

          Happens to be everytime and sadly i cannot update my graphic card drivers because sony vaio are too lazy to update them since 2010.

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            Re: Black Ops 2 Black screen

            I have the same problem.... I have a new lapop there si 3 days old, and have a Nvidia Geforce GT 650M 2GB.... Soo I can run the game and I have the newest driver and alle that.....!

            I can see that there are many there have the same problem....

            Are they trying to fix it? It is so frustrating because I dont know how to fix it, and I have not seen that they are trying to fix it????


            (Sorry for my bad english)

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