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    THE BEST COD YET!!!...

      I just wanted to get something off my chest...This game is just simply brilliant, simple as. Speaking as a huge fan of cod4, i never thought id see the day when the daddy of them all had some serious competition, infact for me, Black Ops 2 has practically gone passed it. Playing an open or private free for all game (my favorite game mode) the game never fails to entertain me in a massive way! It provides those comedy moments in abundance that mw3 never did, it provides maps with great variety, colour, 3d depth and super animations, not to mention the awesome graphics with those luscious light reflections. Im just loving it. Even hardpoint is more fun without those over kill crates every two seconds and areas that are easier to defend and harder to assault. The gameplay is fast and fun due to the arena style design of the maps, allowing for stealth aswell as one level rushing that only pleased the players that pretend theyre headless chickens.

         look, dont get me wrong, if youre a run n gunner great, but atleast Treyarch have levelled the playing field to allow for a variety of playstyles. Im just hoping the dlc brings the same style of gameplay, and maybe a small to medium snowy map. Well done Treyarch, damn fine job!