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    Any tips on keeping the connection smooth?

      When I ask this.  It's because today I started out playing very well.  Not worrying about KD or win loss I have a lot of fun for the first 5 or so games.  But soon after my games flipped on their side.  Getting destroyed by the opposition and further adding frustrationg to my voice.


      I assume that many people stay in the same lobby when they do well.  But is it smarter to leave lobbies after each game to ensure the connections are correct?  I feel this game doesn't do a very good job at keeping the lobbies smooth from game to game.  It seems that in game it will fill in spots with just about anyone connection wise, not taking into account that it might shift the game connection wise. 


      What do you guys think?  Is it better to just keep leaving lobbies after each game?  Or does it really even matter?