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    How do the leaderboards work?

      So I've played 2 games of SnD and i'm now ranked on the "all time" leaderboards for it. If I remember correctly to be on the "all-time" leaderboards on the first Black Ops you had to play 50 games.


      I've also only played a few games in other gametypes and I'm also ranked on the all time leaderboards


      But i've played about 20 games on headquarters and I'm not ranked. Any idea why this is?


      Not to mention I just won a game of Gun Game 20-5, and the lobby said i have only 190 score. My average score/game hasn't gone up either. I just realised something else. Not sure if this applies to all gametypes, but it's impossible for my score per game to go UP, it will ONLY go down. It's been at 182 (Cause of getting put in games late) for awhile now, and I've placed first (200 score) 12 games in a row now, then the one game I get put in late I only got 16 kills, it went down to 179. Fix this.