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    Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

      Ok first of all from what i can tell, their is almost no correlation to your ranking and your performance, despite all the speculation people have been saying and believing to be true.

      Someone thought the slashes were a level-progress counter whereby you change rank after reaching 5 slashes, which cannot be right. Since you only EVER see a [Skull+Knife] and [Skull+2 Shotguns] rank with 4 or 5 slashes. The FIFTH slash seems to be directly related to the Blue Eyes effect.... 5 slashes means blue eyes, 4 slashes means no blues eyes (i'm sure alot of people have noticed this)


      I was stuck on 4 slashes [Skull] for days and days. ALL my friends had the Blue Eyes effect; i was the only person who didn't... even though i played zombies;

      More Regurlarly/Everyday

      Had More Kills, Headshots, Revives, (less)deaths

      Higher on the Leaderboards

      Sometimes never died in a game


      This is how i knew the stats had nothing to do with the 'B-E' effect.


      Some people have been saying, "yeh, if you get 600+ kills with little downs" and "If you beat your previous best round" I just finished a 600+ kills with only dying as the finish and also got to wave 22 with 160k points... and guess what? nothing happened. I've also done a 200+ melee SPREE to see if i could get the [Skull+Knife] rank but that also did nothing.


      ANYWAY i had a breakthrough with the 'B-E' effect... I thought it must be something you do, specifically, IN the game...Something that all my friends have done/do regularly??? Then i remembered reading about people who have been losing there Blue Eyes/being De-ranked or Demoted. (I have now lost the blue eyes because i haven't been able to play for 2 days, so i'm pretty sure you get demoted for not playing regularly and/or doing really bad but i'm just guessing) Anyway, it was this idea of people being de-ranked which made me think the blue-eyes was a temporary thing like you had to be 'CHARGED' and overtime you lose your 'CHARGE' which makes sense as the other ranks can also be 'CHARGED'. Possibly even related to the Easter Egg, I watched a video from NGT where 'spiderbite' thought it could be 'zombie vision'...


      So i woke up one day, realising this 'CHARGED' concept, and thought... well how do you get charged? It's got to have something to do with the POWER or ELECTRIC TRAP right? also realising i've never used the electric trap properly but my friends use it all the time. AND i've seen my friends sit in the POWER room when you turn on the power, constantly getting stunned by the lightning, which i never do because i've always thought it was a pretty stupid/pointless thing to do.... AND EVEN seen atleast a few of them accidently down themselves with the electric trap.


      SO.... i start a SOLO game, get straight on the bus using the turbine, go to the power room in round 1 making sure to keep a zombie alive, turn the power on and sit in the power getting hit by the beams, then i built the electric trap, killed the last zombie with it. Then just to make sure, i ran into the trap to eletricute myself and end the game at the end of round 1.


      after playing 20 stupid games the previous night with no success, THIS ONE 5-MINUTE GAME GOT ME BLUE EYES!


      Now i thought i had solved it, and was getting ready for some 'BLUE EYES SOLVED B***CHES' thread. But like any smart person, i thought i'd double check my findings/make a proof video/narrow down what ACTUALLY caused me to rank-up etc.


      However i immediately jumped on my brothers account, who was the exact same rank as me [Skull], and started to narrow down the results;

      A) just sitting in the power room then commiting suicide.

      B) just killing one zombie with the electric trap then commiting suicide without downing myself with the trap.

      C) only downing myself with the trap and no zombies.

      None of these worked and he didn't unlock 'B-E'. I tried doing all of them again, exactly like I did. (i've saved the video) and that also didnt work. Unless theres something else that you must do individually before you can even be considered to be 'CHARGED' but that could be anything. Especially when none of my friends have completed either of the Easter Egg storylines, except build the obelisk. Or doing anything except build stuff, buy perks and kill zombies, and they've all got blue-eyes (also my brother's done everything i have, story related)


      Like i said, i've been de-ranked back to 4 slashes [Skull] since all this, and i've tried doing what i've said above but it hasn't worked. BUT IT CAN'T JUST BE A COINCIDENCE, after i played all those games, trying different things, trying to rank-up... then i just aim to do this specific thing one day and BOOM i get it. (and with the worst performanced game ever)


      I've literally exhausted everything i can think of for now, and think i should pass this over to the community. Also how do i upload the video from my theatre?

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          Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

          Yes, I also think it likely to change the emblem ....



          Maybe something you do affects, perhaps not by who killed more, among others, but for the activities you did during the game.

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            Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

            You might be on to something, because I have been stuck at the skull with the knife 4 marks and no blue eyes for a while now, and I just finished a game of TranZit 3 players at round 37, over 2000 kills, 1000 headshots, 19 revives, lots of doors opened, 2 downs, built wonder weapon and most other things, ranked 139 in the world on ps3, and I STILL DIDN'T GET THE BLUE EYES.


            These blue eyes are pissing me off, and if we can figure out what unlocks it, that would be great.

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                Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                You think that's bad? I had the knife in the skull with blue eyes. I got to round 18, and got disconnected from the servers (solo). Sign back in, go to solo again, and i'm like WTF where did my blue eyes go. So I play another game, and get to round 45 with over 3000 kills, almost 1000 grenade kills, over 50k bullet hits, and I still didn't get my blue eyes back.


                Built every single buildable, had 900k + points... Don't know how in the hell I had it before, but round 45 didn't get it back...

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                Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                The vidio you need to render which means you need a hd tv

                And the skull

                When I became a skull with blue eyes was the exact time I reached the 5 tally, that game I did do espresso ally good in, yet I don't think it comepared to recent games because then the guy that made it to round 70 would be decreased in rank for no reaching close to that amazing mark so I really have no idea

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                  Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                  I dont think you get deranked for not playing its like if your Prestige 1 Level 1 Its going to send you back to level 55 0 Prestige.I think its by performance.

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                      Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                      It surely cannot be performanced based, otherwise why did i rank up for a bad game and rank down for a good game? I've been trying to find patterns to solve this but it almost seems completely random at the moment. I'll keep working though.

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                          Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                          I've noticed mine has been going down but I've been playing consistently bad because I'm trying to find new permaboosts. I don't usually go past round fifteen and thats rare I go that high right now. I used to have the blue eyed skull with a knife and now I only have the two crossbones. I think 3arc is kinda holding back info on it because what you said makes sense about it possibly being part of the easter egg. It would be a helluva find if it is. I can't see them doing anything besides trying to make this the most in depth and challenging easter egg yet. this would definately fit that category.

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                        Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                        HMMM VERY INTERNESTING But remember the lightning boss guy? I cant say anything bout it but look into that

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                          Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                          I got my blue eyes after a terrible game on greif farm

                          My friend got his after I joined his lobby right after that game.

                          Another of my core team obtained his after going down 17 times on grief farm on the worst game I've ever seen him play..


                          And none of us have used the electric trap.

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                            Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                            Thanks for the feedback guys. It does throw a 'spanner in the works'.

                            I did think, "well if i'm right...how would people playing grief and survival get it" Maybe it was just a coincidence. But still sooo much unexplained, like why did i unlock it in such a short game with only 9 kills. AND how come i lost it after 2 days of not playing? I think there's just too many variables.


                            MY NEWEST THEORY (which i've been trying all day) was maybe you had to stare at the 'electric man' as he came out the POWER machine. AND maybe it had to be 'Character-Specific'.

                            For instance, i unlocked it while playing as Samuel; the only one who can hear Richtofen; who controls the zombies (which is why their eyes are blue).


                            ALSO all the characters say something related to the EYES when you look at this event... apart from samuel;

                            Misty: 'Ahh, now thats something to LOOK at'

                            Russman: 'Now that there is a thing you do not SEE everyday, every year even'

                            Samuel: 'HOLY S????, its an alien!'

                            Marlton: 'What an intriguing SHOW of ball lightning'


                            ALSO i only looked into this because i read jimmy zeilinski's twitter and he said "I have SEEN enough...you have all the info you need. Just SAY it!" and i felt like he was refering to this.


                            TBH i could just be the biggest coincidence-magnet, and the fact that i haven't been able to come up with anything could just mean they made it as challenging as possible.

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                                Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                been on blue eyes for near 3 weeks now, and i play a hell of a lot of transit i, always beat my previous games etc etc

                                I dont think,like others have mentioned, that it is anything to do with your shots/kills k/d etc

                                What i did notice, is that i recieved my blue eyes, just after throwing an emp at  the leki boss.

                                The game ended a few seconds later


                                To be honest if the ranking system is not working, and all this we are doing is speculation, and treyach have screwed something up, they should just come out and admit it :O

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                                Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                PLEASE dont kill me, I am sorry if this has been posted, but...


                                The bones, skulls, and  eyes are all from the Reveal Trailer when the travel to each of the TranZit stops.

                                Any connection? Does this help at all? 



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                                  Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                  I've seen my friend with the knife + skull with 1 slash.  He currently has the knife + skull with 2 slashes. Also i first got my blue eyes after a game of grief on town and i've never used the electric trap/been downed by it and i've never been downed from turning on the power. I've only been electricuted by it the very first time i turned on the power. Theres a couple more things I'd like to note. This is the order I ranked up in: 1) one slash + one bone  2) two slashes with two bones 3) three slashes with a skull 4) four slashes with a skull 5) four slashes with a skull + knife 6) five slashes with skull + knife and blue eyes.

                                  The other day it said my data was corrupt and it reset me to level 4 which was the knife + skull with blue eyes.  On ngt zombies they uploaded a video showing them being reset to lv 3 which is just the skull. So im guessing it goes lv 1) one bone. lv 2) two bones. lv 3) Skull. lv 4) skull + knife. lv 5) double shotguns. No idea what the slash marks mean.  Oh and my other friend has two bones with five slash marks.  I could go on and on about other observations i've made but im sure no one wants to read several paragraphs.  send a msg if you want to talk about the other observations I've made. One last thing,  we know for sure that getting blue eyes has nothing to do with something specific you have to do in tranzit since i got mine in grief.

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                                    Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                    I'll test not playing, I'm at skull/blue eyes but havnt played in two days. Noone plays my playstation so if im deranked then it goes by missing days

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                                      Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                      This might help im blue eyed skull with shield and sword and what i can see u have to get to a good round over and over and then get to a much better round but if u play with ppl and they die or you die it lower your chance of lvling up and by die i mean die in round before your final round what i did is i got to round 20-25 around 10 times in a row then i got a 33 and it ranked me up.

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                                        Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                        right, im not sure if this has been said or not... but here goes lol. i had the knife skull and blue eyes and i got de-ranked twice for haveing poor performance while trying to do the easter egg.  im now a skull with 4 slashes thats it, but i do know how to get the knife 1 though   you have to get so many kills with the bowir knife

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                                          Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                          W00t just upgraded from skull with blue eyes and 5 tally's to a skull with a knife with 5 tally's and blue eyes. I skipped the skull with a knife without blue eyes but dunno how and why.


                                          The notable things in the game in which I have been promoted:

                                          - I had 24 revives

                                          - got to round 37 without dying once(with 2 players, 2 leavers)

                                          - boosted my total kills from around 9200 - 10300 kills


                                          Notable is that I still haven't done any of the easter eggs and I have only played Tranzit so far except 2 or 3 games solo town survival.


                                          Hopefully this may shed some light in the ranking up mystery.

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                                              Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                              Im really gonna give up soon on chasing new rank... I really wanna reward myself and show others ive played this quite much (of course there is thousands of players played longer than me).


                                              Im still skull with blue eyes + 5 marks, been like two week (ages).


                                              heres some of my career stats (i take this is the overall stats)


                                              Kills 33 602.
                                              Revives 758

                                              Grenade kills 721

                                              Headshots 10 338

                                              Deaths/downs 211

                                              Perks took 456

                                              Doors opened 302

                                              The hit thing 0.51 (gotta try raise this somehow tought i like go madmad with gun!)

                                              Travelled miles 376




                                              Theres gotta be something.... something about those ranks!

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                                              Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                              I jus recently started to play Bo2 Zombies, but I was at 2 slashes and crossbones, and after I got the Perma-QuickRevive for reviving my mate for 15 times(I think, I had other revives) I got the green spark thing for the permaperk, then after a while we died, and when I was out I had Skull emblem with 2 slashes =]

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                                                Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                                me and my friends have recently done rictofens side to the ee and had a few matches where we didnt do very well down to a 4th player that was well lets just say not very good. anyway i have had my skull blue eyes and 5 slashes for over a week now and im not leveling up at all or being demoted and i do alot in my games and never seem to level up so i dont think peformance has anything to do with it. i have the revive perma perk and the windows perma perk and the headshot perma perk so do my friends so i really dont think performance is a factor maybe its to to with team play or summit like if the team do well in a game we lvl up.just a thought

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                                                  Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                                  The way i see it is that one tally mark stands for one consequtive day of playing...


                                                  reaching up to 5 tally marks means you played atleast one game of Zombies everyday for 5 days straight, this is the thing that also turns on your Blue Eyes...


                                                  i missed out on 1 day and lost my blue eyes, and the tally marks went to 4...


                                                  i'm back on my spree again and i should have 5 tally marks thursday again and the blue eyes should be there again as well...


                                                  makes perfectly sense for the tally marks to count up to something, as that is what they are used for...

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                                                    Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                                    im pretty sure the zombie ranking system is affected by rounds per downs. The other stats may effect it a little but from what ive seen downs have a lot more to do with rank then the other stats. Also try playing by yourself more often. For some reason it looks like if your not partied up you rank up quicker. Theres no secret way to get blue eyes or things you have to do except playing good and playing by yourself more an getting far. Hope it helps. If your having trouble still just send  a message to my   GT: Nextivity

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                                                        Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                                        I don't think that's correct, but I could be wrong of course. I went to 45 with 4 downs, and my rank didn't go up.


                                                        I actually think going to round 45 put a curse on my ranking tbh. I had the 5 tallys skull/blue eyes, and knife through it, and the next game I went to round 18, and my rank went down. Then I got to round 25, and then my latest game I killed myself on round one seeing if I had flopper yet. My rank is now skull/knife/3 tallys. I know that obviously making it to round one, and dying hurt my rank, but it was in custom games, and I didn't think it counted towards your ranking.


                                                        If we add all of those up that would give me 88 rounds with about 8 downs total, or 11 rounds per down.


                                                        Maybe i was more downs, but I don't think so since my downs are currently 168, and they were 160 before my 45 round game.


                                                        This ranking system is screwy.

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                                                        Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                                        Last weekend i played alot and quit good games aswell and my rank didnt go up from skull to skull with blue eyes now last night i logged in and i didnt even do anything and i suddenly i had skull with blue eyes and 5 tallys so i think the rank systeem is having problem with updating?or it just takes ages

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                                                            Re: Blue Eyes THEORY + Ranking (long read)

                                                            5 tally marks will give Blue Eyes...


                                                            5 Tally marks are unlocked by playing 5 days in a row, apearantly just starting up Zombies gives it...


                                                            So this has not really much to do with ranking, it just shows if someone plays every day


                                                            i have checked with friends, and random players i see in lobbies... every skull with blue eyes have 5 tally marks, and all the skulls ive seen with 4 or less tally marks do not have blue eyes...


                                                            i had blue eyes... and i did not play the game for 1 single game and i lost them, and a tally mark.

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