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    remove hijacked from all play list

      hijacked should be removed from all play list untill they can fix the spawns.  all people do is spawn trap on it ive just left the past 2 games because i joined part way through and kept spawning right in front of a guardian then killed with in seconds il admit the spawns in any cod have not been great but this map has to be the worst ive ever seen

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          Totally agree!! the spawns on this map are shocking, they need a patch to recognise when people are on the balcony above each spawn and not drop you right in front of them and also the 2 walkways on eith side it should recognise if anyone are on them, because your gonna have a bad time if your spawned and they are there!  in these occasions you could easily spawn people underneath/on the walkway on the side of the boat or upstairs inside which i agree might be bad if they are on the balcony overlooking the spawn but you should be able to get the drop on them, after all it is your spawn area.


          I have also been spawned directly on top of a betty about 6 or 7 times on that map when they have been laid in the spawn!

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            I hate playing this map, it's destroyed by garbage spawns.

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              i hate it to, the sawning is so broken, it should be pretty clear cut but i'm for ever getting shot in the back as people spawn behind me regardless of mode its just a mess which is a shame as it should be great