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    FFA?  What happened?

      I loved FFA in every COD since COD4.  But what is wrong with this one all of the sudden?  It's terrible. Revenge spawns and the like are just preposterous.


      Does anyone feel that FFA just kinda sucks in this game? Whenever I am right about to win and am tied with another, I somehow spawn right infront of the dude I'm tied with.  What's up with that? Am I just really that unlucky??   

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          I don't see much of a difference, but then again I have rarely played any FFA in all CoD games.


          But what I do remember from MW2, Blops1, MW3 is that it's pretty much still like this game...Who ever can control a couple of spawn points wins.


          This is no different to me though, Standoff being one where you can keep running into the house/mini bar near the back of the map to kill someone, and there is a spawn point right behind the house in which you can keep killing the person if you so choose to be that evil.


          Hijacked you can just sit in the back of the map and go to town, no different from any other games.


          But thats just me, who's played maybe tops 100 FFA games.

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              I don't know then.  It feels totally different to me.  It's not like I lose all the time.  It just doesn't play as well as the older ones.  And I don't seem to have as much fun.  I guess it could be that everyone and their mother uses the same tactics and I don't.

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                  Well again i'm not a vet of FFA so i'm not to sure on it as you would be, but from the matches i've payed so far it just seems the same to me.


                  @Random yeah that's what I was referring to, Standoff, Hijacked and Meltdown got like 2 areas where you can contro a spawn point and just demolish a game.

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                  In any other call of duty I could spawn trap on any map. Run back and forth and kill over and over with little problem.


                  In this game I don't have to. People just spawn all around me and its super simple. Take off silencer and someone will spawn by you right after you kill someone and they will chase your red dot. It's so mindless.  I also still enjoy it and find it challenging only because the "lag comp" or hit detection hate get it may be makes it challenging when I'm in gun fights.


                  And they said they wanted to kick camping in the butt but in my opinion this games just forces you to camp since you don't have to hunt for your kills anymore.



                  FFA words of advice.


                  Hold an area,choose a fast firing gun (skorpion) equip scavenger. Wait like 10 seconds = profit.

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                  I very much enjoy FFA in COD games, especially since shotguns in BLOPS2 are amazing!!!!! I think that FFA is the same, no difference from other games in that the spawns are still pretty terrible. But, thats the way FFA goes, like it, or dont play FFA.

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                    It's definitely the tactics people use in FFA.  Campy tactics plus terrible revenge spawns.  Even reverse revenge spawns where I die and am immediately spawned in the path of my nemesis.  It's really freaking ridiculous how stupid the spawns make FFA.

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                      I guess you didn't play it in mw3? you could honestly get quad feeds on the same player in that game. Not even exaggerating.

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                        the maps and spawns are made for teams of 2 having more than 1 team against another is gonna be horrible.

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                          I agree.  Something is just not the same with FFA on this one.  In fact, FFA feels a lot like MW3 did for some reason (and I think spawns ARE that reason).  I really didn't enjoy FFA in MW3 and only played maybe 40 hours of it, where as I logged well over 300 hours of FFA in MW2 & BO1. 

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                            I think the biggest difference is the lack of usefull sound is this game. FFA was the best mode to sound whore.

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                              I do wonder why Raid is not in the FFA rotation. Does not seem to be that big.