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    Quick Scoping!!


      So when are they ever going to fix quick scoping with a sniper rifle?  I have never played so many games where so many people run around with the sniper rifle quick scoping than i have in the past 3 days.  This is a very bad glitch with this game that I wish they would fix.  Though Like NooB Tube it will never go away because its the only way the developers can play and win at this game...  and also really do we think the shotgun is a little overkill on this thing.. shooting across the board and killing with one shot..  really people...  ReFUND Please... 

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          Another Quickscoping thread...



          Use your search tool. If you can't beat Quickscopers, you are doing it wrong.

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            I hate quick scoping. But unfortunately it's not a glitch it's something that they  put in the game Its cheap tersely if they could quick scope through a cloud of smoke were if I'm hiding behind a barrier and there's no chance of them seeing me and blam I'm quick scope  dead.  Then you got the quick scoopers that camp and don't even try to do the different objectives and don't even support their team and then then end  game like 20 and 6 and no help to the team whatsoever. it's it's frustrating and I wish it would take it out again.

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              Please remove quick scoping from the game!

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                I am not a big fan of quickscoping personaly. It's pretty tiresome to die to them, especialy because they can scope in so fast.


                I'd rather see the scope in speed reduced. To make it bit harder.