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    Black Ops 2 - The positive

      If Treyarch can get the lag and hit detection fixed, Black Ops 2 is an absolutely great game. Yes, lag and hit detection are HUGE factors, I get it, no need to point it out, that's why it all hinges upon Treyarch fixing, or making this markedly better.


      1. Maps look great.

      2. We have separate sliders so we can turn down the music individually from the SFX.

      3. Dolphin diving.

      4. Ghost is great for run-n-gunners and not for campers.

      5. TTK is higher than MW3, which means you can actually still win a gun-fight even if someone gets the drop on you.

      6. Emblem Editor is back! - So much fun!! - Yeah, some people are making "inapporpriate" emblems. Doesn't ruin my fun.

      7. Custom Games lets you set up bots to play different game types. I've been messing around, trying to learn how to quickscope. Ok, people, settle down. Not trying to get anyone started on hate for quickscoping. I'm just saying, it's pretty fun. I suck at it, but it's fun.

      8. Hardpoint is a great game-type.

      9. Kill Confirmed was one of the few things I was hoping would cross over from MW3, and it did.

      10. I like the 1-14 sensitivity. Makes the controller feel more responsive.

      11. Map voting.

      12. If I bail on a map, I don't keep gettting thrown back into the same map over and over again.

      13. Easy to mute people.

      14. Pick-10 system. So many options. I enjoy tweaking my classes.

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          Re: Black Ops 2 - The positive

          good post! Couldnt agree more.

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            Re: Black Ops 2 - The positive

            15. Prestige system vastly improved over previous CoDs.  Now you can do it without having to start everything over again.

            16. Additional camo unlocks & diamond camo means it's going to be a long time (if ever) before I'm done unlocking everything.

            17. Scorestreak system actually rewards playing the objective more than slaying/camping for dogs.  Now when I do all the grunt work on my team I actually get rewarded with good streaks & a spot at the top of the AAR.

            18. Tons more options in the way of lethals and tacticals, combined with the pick-10 system, makes it much easier to create a class specifically designed for almost any game type/scenario.

            19. Prestige Tokens.

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              Re: Black Ops 2 - The positive

              Dont forget freezing issues which are the most huge factor at this moment.

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                Re: Black Ops 2 - The positive

                Good post. I have been enjoying the game to,  just a pity its getting lost in all the crying posts.

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                  Re: Black Ops 2 - The positive

                  I agree there is something for every one in this game.Ya theres a few bugs but give them a lil time to fix it.My family enjoys diffrent play styles so its fun for us here.My systems run fine as has all the others in my house for the last three days ya theres lag but what game dont have it at some time.Ive really come to like BO2.

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