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    M|3 Mortem Messor Recruiting

      Recently released  a few members and am looking for some more players to join my clan.  Mortem Messor is a small (4), but effective, American based clan.  We are active in both MW3 and BO2.  Even with our four members playing challenges and ops, or even two at times, we still make Silver badges, were looking for those dedicated players to add to our team that want to achieve Gold all the time.  We are currently level 32 and am looking for anyone who is looking for a clan with dedicated members that just want to have fun.  Do not have to be an elite premium member, nor is there any KDR requirement.  Just search for Mortem Messor in elite clans, or add me (Narcosys) on Xbox live and apply.  So try us out and see if you like playing with us and vice versa.  Look forward to playing with you, or against you, and maybe even having you as a team member. 


      Nex Est In Vos