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    Line of sight-Angles of elevation

      I want to address this as a major issue with the past CODs more evident in this one then ever. I realize that this is probably not something that can be fixed but there need to be some huge improvements in this when developing. I dont see these issues in games like Halo, rainbow 6, far cry but this game is warped.  If Im standing in a window and kneel to take cover, I should be able to see anything in my line of sight, and others should only be able to see my eys and up from outside. Not in this game. People 40 feet below me can see me from the waist up when I cant see them at all, and of course since everything is made out of paper in this game they just shoot with a silenced weapon through 2 feet of stone or steel and kill me. Why is it that people a decade ago didnt have a problem with these angles and today they are a joke? What is the explanation for this nonsense?  My god please make it so that everything is not made out of bamboo paper too. If Im in an aircraft carrier made to stop the impact of rounds from fighter planes and torpedoes, how am i being shot with a silenced pistol through it?   Getting real tired of this kill everyone through anything when they cant even see you even though there 40 feet above you stuff.

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          Re: Line of sight-Angles of elevation

          Two seperate game issues here.


          1.  Walls are way too thin:  there are not enough or very few walls that can not be shot through.  I agree with this.


          2.  Angles and sitelines are off:  So many times I can only see a persons head while they are in front of an object and they can shoot me through it.   I am totally behind a wall elevated and I can not see them, she shoot up through the walls at me.



          Fix true lines of site (probably very hard and so much math involved. and realize the fact that bullets can not go through all objects

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