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    Why the lag comp feels better during off peak hours and MW3 playing better now. My opinion

      I see alot of posts on here from players saying that the game plays better during the day or during off peak hours. I also hear players say that MW3 plays alot better now. IMO there is a simple reason for this. Most of the so called tryhards and clans play during peak hours. I too think the game is easier during the day but have noticed that it is mostly casual players that im playing against. MW3 plays better now because all the competition left for BLOPS2.


      IMO the lag comp only feels better because of the competition you are playing against. Think of it this way. A good player is going to make the lag comp look really bad because good players have really fast reflexes and incredible aim. If the good player has a slight edge in lag comp its going to look like they have a huge advantage because of their reflexes and aim. Bad players will make the lag comp look good because their reflexes are slower and their aim is a little off. Even if the bad player has a slight edge in lag comp it most times wont look like it because because of their reflexes and aim. Does any of this make sense?


      I also see lot of exaggerated lag comp posts on here too. If you empty a whole clip into someone and you dont get hit markers that is just straight lag and not lag comp. Lag comp has become the scapegoat for everything on these forums. Honestly its not even fun to browse the forums anymore because of it.


      I bet for every 1 person on here that actually has a serious problem with lag comp there are probably 5 more that are clueless about it. You can tell because they tell you about their superuberfast internet connection followed by big numbers for download and upload speeds with a low ping to a server within 50 miles of their location. Any thoughts on any of this?

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          Re: Why the lag comp feels better during off peak hours and MW3 playing better now. My opinion

          The game definately plays better for me in the so called " off peak " times, I find that before 6 pm UK time the game is a lot smoother.


          Example today at around 4pm I played 3-4 quick games and had no problems but I tried to play tonight after 7 pm and the game was a mess, lag, 2-3 bar players, hitmarkers instead of kills etc.


          The worse thing about it was I had gone back to using the Fal and I couldn't even get a second shot off, it seemed that the gun wouldn't fire and just kept jamming, I know that probably wasn't the case but that's what it felt like.


          So I turned the game off and played Borderlands 2 for a bit and tried again at about 9.30 and the game was running fine again.


          Do the sums UK time is about 4-5 hours ahead of the US, so by the time I start playing around 7-8 pm half of the kids in the US are just finishing school and get home and play BO2 so they flood the game and screw the matchmaking for a while.


          I do agree with you about the lag comp, it's very easy to blame that for most things but when I notice a bit of lag I just stop playing for a bit it's less stressful that way.

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