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    Something to explain to these forums. Lag comp., Ping, matchmaking, and how to spot a someone lying.

      First thing first, lag compensation. The community has got it wrong. It does not the enemy at allits actually your fault., and it doesn't matter on your connection speed, its all about ping. Ping is the amount of time it takes for information to get to from one place to another, in milliseconds (1/1000 of a second). Test your ping here ( www.pingtest.com and test from a server across america, that's where majority of hosts are. 1 server that is the closest to you, one of the farthest, and one in between this two servers. Then average to find your average ping.)


      Now how does this affect lag compensation, basically lag comp cancels out ping and rewinds the game for you, showing it without the ping, and putting you behind the server. If it want for lag compensation, there will be true teleportation.


      The way it works is that the data packets will send, your ping determines how fast it gets to the host, then the hosts ping is how fast it gets to the server and then back.


      To solve this problem, switch to a better provider or ask your current provider to lower your ping as best as they can. (Either way you do have to pay cash)


      Now what does your connection have to be to play cod? If you live alone or someone else barely uses the internet in your house, 10 mb/s down 2 up. If you live with a family, 25 mb/s down 5 up ( minimum for optimal performance.) Your speed does play a factor in gaming, but not as much as ping.


      Matchmaking is talked about a lot and let me clarify this to you, it is like BF skill and lowest ping put together, so if you get killed by a person with less skill then you, your skill will go down more then if someone with more skill kills you. And of you kill someone with less skill then you. It won't affect it as much as if you killed someone with a higher skill.


      And again it first finds people at your skill, then at the best ping ( that's normal search preference) best will search for lowest ping and any searches for people your skill only.


      Now what I noticed about these forums is that a lot of people are very gullible. I have seen and caught many people lying and trying to over exaggerate to prove their points, here's some examples:


      You can run SMGs only on this game, every other guns is horrible! SMGs are like laser guns!:


      wrong, SMGs are a bit more powerful at close range, but at any map like cargo, you will see you will see many more AR and SR then SMGs, Why? Because smgs in this game have alot of recoil (acog proves this)

      I always see the same people complaining about SMGs complain about every other gun in the game, they cannot handle the fact that AR have more of a mid range roll then aall round one.


      The game is perfectly balanced it just that people are not aware of how to counter it, anything beyond close to close mid range these weapons are useless, any CQC maps run a shotgun.


      Hit detection is so bad in this game!:


      Although I would like 3arc to make the hit boxes bigger, these people are the same ones that use smgs at long ranges, then think it was 2 cm away, sometimes the first few shots will wtf me, but after i put on the target finder, I find out I'm just missing. And if anybody sprays and prays. Try the laser sights , helps a killer.


      BF3 froze my PS3 less than this game:

      BF3 has froze every ps3 and Xbox over 25 times in random occurrences, if you are stupid enough to keep committing the glitch that freeze your ps3 its not 3arcs fault.

      Thank you for reading and if any mistakes are found, please tell me due to the fact I typed this all on my phone.