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    A fix for objective game modes...

      I'm really disappointed playing objective game modes in Black Ops 2.  It seems like there are far too many people only playing to pad their stats and not trying to win the game.  This is making for probably the worst objective gameplay I've ever seen.  There is one very simple fix for this.  No kills earned in objective games should cound towards your KDR or be added to your total kills. 


      I know Treyarch wanted to try and encourge objective play, but it seems to have not quite worked out too well.  Until Black Ops 2 I'd never seen a game of domination where NOBODY would go for the B flag, but this just seems be almost every other game.  At the start of every match it seems to be a race to get to the enemy spawn for some cheap spawn kills, or to get a good camping spot over B so you can pick off the one or two unfortunate players who are actually trying to play the game proberly and capture the flag. 


      In Domination for example, to encourage people to play the way it should be played, I thought of the following tweaks to the in-game scoring system.


      1.  Score for general kills be reduced back to 50

      2.  No score bonus for killing an enemy near their own flag, unless you are on the flag trying to capture it at the time

      3.  No score bonus for killing an enemy player trying to capture your flag if your team only has 1 flag

      4.  Earn medals for cap attempts where you are killed with 50xp bonus.


      Anyone got any other suggestions that might encourage better objective play, I'd love to hear them

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          Re: A fix for objective game modes...

          I have'nt noticed this problem at all on K/C or domination. Problem with dom is you have to be in a team to get B flag. Solo play on dom is a waste of time. If your playing solo k/c will get you plenty of xp but you better be willing to run around to get the tags because everyone is going for them. This new scoring system fixed k/c. Not near as many snipers just killwhoring. To hard to get the scorestreaks. I know dom can be fun but you have to play with a team.

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              Re: A fix for objective game modes...

              Funny thing is, I'm a sniper and I spend more time trying to cap flags than most of the people running around with SMGs and ARs .  I know playing solo isn't the best way to play Dom, but you can 't always guarantee having your friends online to play with, particularly as we're all a bit older now and have girlfriends and kids to think about.  I've never seen anything like this in any CoD game previously. Sure there were always one or two guys maybe on either team clearly only playing for the kills in previous games, but I've had my whole team completely ignore the objective for the entire game. That's just ridiculous. 

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