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    Hunter Killers LOVE me!

      They are the new predator missile


      I've played with the same group of guys thru all the COD's, and they soon knew instinctively to get the hell away from me when there's an incoming predator (MW2+MW3). 9 outta 10 would hit me


      Now with the new Hunter Killer ... damn... it's 9 outta 10 with those as well lol. They're even getting me inside - thru windows and skylights . They just refuse to go for my 2 buddies running together 10ft in front of me. Hell, they even wait a few extra seconds 'til I respawn, take 2 steps then ... BOOM! (Just like lightening strikes by the way)


      My mates always get a good laugh sprinting away from my soon to be smouldering corpse .


      We're starting to keep count again (not since MW2 have we done this) lol. My record is 16 of 16 predators in a Sabotage game in MW2 . I'm hoping to break it this year. Last night I had 9 of 9 HK's hit me on a HC CTF on Cargo ... so it's looking promising .


      Whether it be predator or HK, A.I. or human controlled, I'm a magnet, a mecha for all things that go boom from above