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    Black Ops 2 Update from xbox 360... Systems keeps crashing on game startup

      I was playing black ops 2 yesterday offline and everything was fine. I went to go online to play multiplayer, turned my router on to go online, and as soon as I started the game again, I got a message about an update that needed to be installed to continue playing the game. I installed the update, and ever since then, when I go to play black ops 2 on my 360, it freezes as soon as I start the game. No introduction video, nothing. The screen stays black and my xbox freezes up. The only way I can get back to the dash is to eject the game. I have 2 xbox 360's here and I took my other one offline and played it, and everything was fine until I did the update again. Can't play the game at all... Am I the only one going through this???? Would love some help. I tried deleting the update but am still having the same issues.... WHATS GOING ON HERE????

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