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    Possible Fix for People that Suffer from Bad Lag!

      After observing this game for the last few weeks, it suddendly

      came to my attention that all the kids online that :

      Shout,Scream,Rage (Even Cry) about lag

      all have the same thing in common.


      They are all in Partys, playing with there Friends!


      I just joined a party with a frew friends and

      just witnessed 1st hand what its like to Lag on the game.


      Multiplayer Matchmaking System works using Latency and Ping!

      So if your in a party with your mates you will probably suffer from lag

      (unless by some miracle you & your friends have the identical latency and ping)


      Mw3 had Region Based matchmaking what was more

      suitable for playing with local friends


      My advice: If you want to play online an not get lag

      Dont join a Party!


      Known issues with Blackops2 are listed here:http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/status

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