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    scoreStreak balance

      read top. id say okay in certin gamemodes but still with problems. this is the only full COD game i have UAV as a killstreak. only one. UAV was teh most spammed scoresteak and considered to strong for its scorere/reaward in other  cods, not it is  evenn more so. every otehr cod i ran something different because well UAV was closer to balance and didnt need to run it to play and could go for the ones i like  reliably. was carepackadge,emergyairdrop,choppergunner in MW2, with sentry gun/harrier/pavelow moved in interchangably. carepackadge,choppergunner,dogs,attackhelicopter and sentrygun interchangabley in BO, same onto the short time on MW3. on BO2 it was UAV, carepackadge, stealth chopper. UAV is just as easy to get on BO2 as every other cod but everything else is harder. UAV should have been kept above the RCXD, possibly even hunterkiller. eather that or nerf UAV ot helping teh player who called it in, not the team.


      modes like TDM and FFA will also need score of 125-150 by defalt. there objective is to kill and by that logic playing the objective should be worth more than 100. those to modes need buffes scorewise.


      only other maiby is if swarm and dogs are balanced =/.

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          Really? I don't find any problems with the way its set up. maybe you should play some more Dom, you can get big points there taking flags, makes it easier to get the other stuff


          Edit: And use Hardline I guess :/

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              biggest problem for me is UAV. everyting else compared to eachotehr is fine. i play soem Dom, but gamemodes score still needs to be perfected.


              patches(and confirmed proposed patches) so far put this game about even if not better than MW2 =).

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              I can't get enough consecutive kills to get anything but a UAV right now....


              Do you get more points in TDM for like shooting down a UAV, saving a teammate, or knifing someone?  Cause I think you should.  If everything just gets the same as a gun kill then that just doesn't seem right to me when playing TDM.

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                  you get points for assists and killing streaks.


                  if oyu want a streak, have low stuff earn you points and try to stay alive, or play objective modes. half the kills in dom or 125. and 200 for flags.


                  TDM and FFA need 125 points a kill at MINIMUM. FFA should probly get 25 more points a kill than TDM, simply because they cant get points from assists, and have a harder time killing streaks wihtout dieing. 



                  also dont streaks from carepackadges not count to the kills for that streak. atleast have carepackage steak kills go on careparkadge challange emblem/titel.

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                  teh scorstreks our 2 unfer. dey neds to maek da oter streks compet betta

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                    Treyarch deliberately made streaks require more points in BO2 to encourage objective play. They're way harder to get in TDM than in past CoDs; so much that I celebrate whenever I get a Hunter Killer .

                    If you want to get scorestreaks but still want to play a kill-based mode, try FFA or Kill Confirmed.

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                      Bro, speak english please...are you german? Just a wild guess...