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    So I gave BO II another try and.....

      I really started to enjoy it, I was actually killing people and having fun, went 32-8 on Carrier, but still a couple things bugged me and that desperately need fixed/patched IMO.


      1. Hipfiring is waaaaaay to accurate IMO, this is getting to the point of being silly.
      2. I was outgunned a number of times at range using a LMG by silenced SMG's, a bit much IMO

      3. Waaay to much rubberbanding and frame stuttering on my ps3, not sure how the game plays on xbox
      4. game sometimes freezes for short periods of time, and once froze up al together and had to restart, NOT good
      5. seems like it takes almost a full clip from an AR to kill someone, but not so with SMG' and hit detection is a bit off it seems to me (maybe lag related)...
      6. Why do smgs get quickdraw so early, but not LMG's??  SMG's already ADS faster in first place


      and I know nothing will ever happen to this but,  but the silenced gun sounds are the worst ever, tell me they are not a drum machine LOL!!