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    Ranking System Cracked. Everything considered. Find out exactly when you will rank up!

      To all Idiots who don't know how to read a topic: YOU CAN LOSE YOUR RANK AND GET IT BACK IN THE SAME DAY AS LONG AS YOU DIDN'T RANK UP YET THAT DAY




      A day in Black Ops 2 is 7:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Very important.


      To keep a rank consistent and not get deranked, play two matches and get to at least round 10-15 in those matches in those time periods every day.


      You can only rank up once a day (between those times of course).


      You rank up based on your Kills:Downs Ratio (Kills divided by downs).


      You MUST consider penalizations that have occured (must know EXACT # of days missed from the last time you played).


      Take the number of day penalizations and divide your K:D by that number. It SHOULD correspond to your tally mark. Let me explain the tally marks now:


      1 Tally: kd of 10-19

      2 Tallies: kd of 20-29

      3 Tallies: kd of 30-39

      4 Tallies: kd of 40-49

      5 Tallies: kd of 50-59

      ABILITY TO RANK UP EMBLEM: kd of 60 and up (might scale differently depending on rank trying to be achieved)


      Note: These ranks might be incriments of 15 rather than 10, but I'm not sure.


      The only confusing part about this is this may scale differently depending on the emblem you are trying to achieve. That has not been figured out yet, but it is thought that to get the Shotgun emblem, you must have a 150 KD to be able to rank up.


      To actually RANK UP, you must follow the guide above by playing at least 2 decent games (10-50 rounds at least) while maintaining the required KD to move up a tally/whole rank (whole rank means you have at least 60 and can rank up, also remember this is scaled as a higher requirement the higher the rank trying to be achieved is). (e.g. to get skull with knife emblem, must have at least kd of 120 (may not be true I'm not sure YET)).


      You CANNOT make a new account and get 550 kills and 1 down and expect to rank up, there is a certain line you must reach (e.g. you must have a 1000 kills before ranking up from crossbones to skull (also not sure about that but i am sure there is a kill requirement or some kind of requirement)).



      You can see yourself rank up in a match if you meet all requirements to rank up and look at the scoreboards at 7:00 PM EST in a PUBLIC GAME (custom game only shows after match is over).


      Also remember, all of this has been proven, NONE (except the scaling part) is speculation.



      I hope this has cleared the confusion for some, if you have questions you can contact me or the person who will be listed below for cracking this ranking system.






      PSN: RoyDestroyer01


      Discovered by: EverythingPiff

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