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        30. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

        .80 kd is bad no matter how you look at it. You can't use a "I rush to B every time and die" excuse. Mindlessly rushing B and dying over and over only feeds the other team kills and killstreaks which will lose you the game. If you have a team that doesn't get on B, you just need to learn to cap the other point, or go around and clear out the people camping B.

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          31. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

          No offense, but this was exactly the opposite of what I was looking for. Less than about 15% of the people have at least a 2.00 K/D and at most a quarter have a 300 SPM. I truly understand what you mean by those statements, but the numbers are heavily exaggerated, as I have a very low K/D, no, it's not as low as 0.20 or anything like that, but I completely know what my gun does, and even though my SPM is also low but not as low as you might think (significantly over 50 for almost every mode, which still is pretty bad as for now), I definitely know how to win a game and capture large objectives like planting and detonating a bomb, capturing several flags per game with many of them being B and the enemy's, and taking and defending the hardpoint (Still, I definitely can't consider myself an average player yet).

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            32. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

            Lol yeah they have a bad kd because of flag caps no you have a bad kd because you rush the objective blindly. I play TDM my K/D for TDM is 1.30 98% of the time on top of lobby leaderboard by my win lost is 36% because I can go 27-2 and we still lose because your teammates are going 5-25  & 3-19

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              33. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

              avridge overall is .98(suicides).

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                34. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                My KD is 1.10, and my KD in TDM is 1.5.


                Dont let others judge your KD if their own KD at DOM doubles their KD at TDM.


                Dont listen to the others that say that you need a 2.0 KD to be an "average player" because:


                1) You can have a 2.0 KD if you end evry match 4-2. LOL...


                2) They get destroyed by average teams (not even saying good teams) that know how to play. These 2.0 KD dudes are just people that only play to call Scorestreaks, and in most matches they will think they went good just because all the other team quitted match or gave up to win the match due to the Scorestreaks. But an average team wont loose by just the use of Scorestreaks.


                In the end, if you get 4 or 5 kills with Hardline and call a HunterKiller-LStrike-Sentry you can end 10-0. thats what those guys do, usually on DOM course so they can ruin lobby for 10-18 people, but its that simple: dont play the objective, play to call scorestreaks, get 10 kills, die 2, there you go with a 5.0 KD!... Do that every match, dont mind with the Win, and every loser can achieve that, really. You put them with UAV-CUAV-Guardian and you wont see that 2.0 KD: most of it comes from the killstreaks, betties and by using objectives as bait. Put them in TDM and the most probable is that youll see a very average dude.


                --- Yes I just give credit to 2.0 KD guys that play TDM. All the others are just 2.0 KD Noobs. Personally I love to crush teams of 2.0 KD in DOM where in the end they laugh and say "How you won noobs? Whe did a great game, look, we are all 40-20" ahah Answer: those kills just lead you to that dark place where 1-15 noobs belong!!! ---


                I prefer winners with 1.0 KD, people that WIN, playing objectives, and getting the usual 15-20 kills per match (the neede to win, sometimes with some deaths too), than these 2.0 KD dudes: you might think "2.0 KD wow" but when you watch them closely, match after match, you wont see a player that ends 40-20 winning: youll most probably see dudes ending 8-4 bypassing objectives...



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                  35. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?





                  I'd rather have a bunch of players on my team who can go 5 and 10 with 5 captures than a bunch of players who can go 40 and 5 with 0 captures. If you had a W/L ratio of 1.5 and a K/D ratio of 0.5, I'd consider you a better player than someone who had a K/D ratio of 2.5 and a W/L ratio of 0.5.


                  People who still think K/D is king after all this time--and especially after the implementation of the scorestreak system to help players who go for objectives--are either ego-centric, selfish, or don't have a clue. Your K/D ratio is not what earns the team the screen that says 'Victory' at the end of the match (yes, even in TDM--K/D spread is more important there, and it's no good being the only one with a 2.0 K/D if your teammates are all negative because you didn't help them to shoot down the 3,000 UAVs/Lodestars/whatever that the enemy called in).

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                    36. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                    It would have to be above a 1.00, if I am not mistaken, because of the nature of K/D ratios. You see K/D ratios go above 1 faster than they go below one because of the nature of fractions/decimals. Take two people one that just went 20-10 and the other whent 10-20. Even amount of kills and deaths, right? Seems like the average K/D ratio of the two would be one, right? Well, you are wrong. Player one had a k/d of 2.00, and player two had a k/d of .5. To average them out, you and the two together and divide by the quantity of numbers you added together: 2+.5=2.5 and (2.5)/2=1.25. However, kill percentage and death percentage equal out at 50% and 50%. Why? Well ratios increase above one exponentially faster than they decrease below one. After all, a 100:1 ratio equals 100 while a 1:100 ratio equals .01. Which is father from 1? Well by an addition standpoint, 100 is 99 above one while .01 is .99 below one. 100:1 is 100x farther from 1 than 1:100. This means the average k/d ratio will be above 1.00. And average kill/death percentage (a total of kills and deaths put together) should be aroundd 50%. You'd think it would be below 50% because of suicides, but you MIGHT find it is above 50% because of deaths not recorded because of dashboarders. Of course, when one dashboards or has his/her Xbox turned off, kills are also not recorded.


                    It seems to me that most people I see have around a 1.00-1.10 k/d.

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                      37. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                      The short answer is in TDM if you have a 1 kd then you are doing okay.  You haven't really hurt your team.  Anything above 1 is a positive contribution and anything below 1 means that you held your team back.  I find in TDM there are a lot of folks around 1 kd.  There also will always be a couple in the 1.2 to 1.5 range and a few in the 0.2 to 0.5 range.  Often times the guys at the lower kds got there simply because other members of their team were doing really well and they themselves had a hard time finding someone to kill.  In other words the spawns are flipping too fast for them to keep up with.  This results in getting shot in the back a lot.  It doesn't make them a bad player but it does make them feel bad because they know that they didn't really contribute to their team despite their best efforts.

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                        38. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                        I totally agree but most people bragging about KD's dont play or dont even like TDM. I know we all care about KD but im talking about those losers that dont really care if they lost the game, all they want to know is that they ended 20-10. These KD obsessed losers are in Domination or Kill Confirmed most of the time. They suck so they like modes where they can see people running around (to achieve objectives) but they prefer to call them "noobs" or "headless chickens" aka "they dont stop comming so I kill them all".


                        *** They arent comming for you noob, they are trying to achieve Tags or Flags and you are simply using those objectives as bait. So these people should just move up to play Deathmatch I mean, you're clueless about Objective modes, you're running a side-game inside the game. ***


                        In MW3 I would say that a 1.0 KD guy was average but here in BO2 I think a 1.0 KD is somewhat borderline good, I think a 1.0 KD is slightly above average here on BO2".

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                          39. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                          Well..in my opinion a 0.80 is under average player... I only play ground war

                          Because I found 6 vs 6 to boring..in TDM I have a 1.25 W/L Ratio and 2.35 k/d r

                          with 2000 kills or so...my over all kdr is 2.41 and a player in my opinion with average

                          Skill in TDM IS

                          1.0 to 1.2 average

                          1.2 to 1.5 above average

                          1.5 to 1.8 good

                          1.9 + very good


                          So if I know a player have a kdr of +2 I try to be more carefull because if not

                          I wouldn't have the same margin error as others...in other words I can miss

                          some shots with some players and with other I can not because they now their gun better..

                          Just my opinion. ..doesn't mean the opinion of others are wrong...just mine..

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