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        40. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

        Is it just me or do people not understand what the OP is asking?

        Average does not mean MEAN. The OP asked for the MEDIAN KDR, a.k.a. the 50th Percentile.


        The mean KDR is near 1.0, slightly less due to suicides. That is useless, obvious info though so I don't get why people are going into it. The "slightly less due to suicides" is just an asterisk by the answer. It would be easier just to ignore that factor.


        However, the MEDIAN would be defined as "50 percent of players have a KDR greater than or equal to X"


        By definition, this can not be 1 or greater than 1. This is because if 50 percent of players had >=1 KDR, there would be more "kills" than there would be "deaths".

        It absolutely must be less than 1.


        Unfortunately, we do not have the data to figure this out. You would need a truly random sample of player data to calculate a statistically meaningful answer. Even if you logged the KDR of every player you encountered and had 2000 players logged, your data would still be bad because the data would only apply to someone with your playing habits (e.g, you may prefer DOM while the mean sample would have different preferences). KDRs obviously are going to vary across game modes - and I'd expect the median KDR for Hardcore to be closer to 1 due to the lower skillcap of the mode. Only Treyarch has access to the data needed.


        Now, if I had to make a guess I would say the median KDR is around .80, and that one with a KDR of 1.0 might be better than as many as 80% of other players.

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          41. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

          The mean KDR is more than 1.00, actually, because overall, a higher weight will more than compensate for the suicide rate. Say someone made a custom 1v1 game, and went 3/1. His opponent went 1/4, due to one suicide. You add their individual KDR's (KDR is measured by individuals and individuals only), and you divide by 2. The end result is 1.625~1.63. Usually, suicides are less often, and usually, the weight difference for average K/D is less than a dominating 3.00 and 0.33. The median KDR (50th percentile would be very close to 1.00, slightly less (probably 0.95 actually) because you have suicides, however if an average player was better than 50% and worse than 50%, he/she would have an approximately 1/1 ratio. That still would be 1.00, for the most part.

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            42. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

            I don't actually rush objectives, unless the very beginning where I first secure my team's flag in domination, and then either plant a trophy system near the neutral flag and capture it or semi-camp near the objective. My K/D and SPM have gotten better for sure, and my handy MK-48 (maxed a couple weeks ago) has gotten me a relatively long way.

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              43. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

              The nature of KDR's 'weights' is what changes the mean, because, yeah, 2.00 and 0.50 equals 1.25. However, you have to take the middle line, which would be, in that case, 15-15. That is the 50th percentile AND average in that case, even usually, the mean is slightly higher than the median (50th percentile), and the median is usually around 0.90 to 1.05-ish, due to suicides.

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                44. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                I agree in that matter, yeah, I'm significantly below 0.80, mind you. Least my KDR is going up, slowly but pretty surely.


                I would say the average has a slightly lower end, and maybe about the middle 50% of players have a K/D of 0.80 to 1.20.

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                  45. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                  Looking at median K/D would produce EXTREMELY distorted results that are way higher than average. You'd probably find it to be well above a 10.00 k/d because of the people that just focus on having a crazy high k/d and end up somewhere around a 25 k/d with like 250 kills and ten deaths. However, if you factor all of those people out, it would still be well above one because a 3 k/d shoots the median up a lot more than someone with a .33 k/d even though totals kills and deaths between the two players added up and averaged out are equal to one.


                  I guess the best way to find an average would be to find a mode k/d. I'd probably start by rounding to the nearesrt tenth (1.22=1.2 or 1.25=1.3) as this would produce a more inclusive, broad result.

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                    46. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                    You're obviously talking about the mean. The median is percentile 50, which is directly, spot on, in the middle if you excluded suicides (1/1=1.00). If you were talking about the average, that would be distorted. Why? Because, as I have emphasized earlier, a 10/1 and a 1/10 would be the crazy pub-stomp-ish result, which will end up with a average KDR of 5.05 in that game. This actually happens a lot, and it seems this was the approximate answer I found myself. The median KDR is what really matters, and i think I've got what I looked for here. The mode will be mostly the median KDR, however in the end it can be thrown off if one inferior KDR is not reached by a higher one.

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                      47. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                      Although I have some notions of what Mean and Median are Im not great on Maths, though I think you guys are maye commiting a mistake when discussing KDR (but not sure!).


                      You are discussing it by a persons point of view: calculating a 1.0 for each one of us and then multiplying it by all! But I think the overall KD would be given by adding all KD's (if that was possible!) and then dividing by the total number of KD's.


                      I say this because I think the average KD on B2 isnt 1.0 or 1.1. I really dont think most people have it to be honest. I have 1.2 and I win more games than usual and I go usually positive (and usually on mid-table or top of lobbies). I would make my bet that the average KD in BO2 is around 0.75. 

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                        48. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                        That is a good point, however, you are supposed to average every KDR, but every only individual KDR in the first place. But for one kill, there must be one death. The average KDR and the median which is the average person's KDR are different. Average KDR takes all KDR's (some which have more weight than others) and will end with at least a 1.00 (those with more weight on the charts i.e. 3/1 and 1/3 game ends up with an average of 1.67, even though the difference in games are usually less. Median KDR would have to less than 1.00, maybe 0.95 but not as low as 0.75 because if you were better than 50 percent and say you always killed them and were always killed by the 50 percent better than you, you would have 1.00 excluding suicides. Taking suicides in to factor and knowing that there are pub-stompers, I would have to say the KDR (which there aren't that many suicides anyway, maybe 1-2 per game at most and usually pros and pub-stompers come in once every few games to pwn the noobs) would have to be about 0.95. Look at the lobby leaderboards (hopefully at least 10 players), I promise that if you take the middle one or two people, they will usually have at least a 0.80 or 0.90. We may both be wrong, but I am just stating my side of view on the mean/median KDR.

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                          49. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                          The average k/d is 80 mine is .82 and it was originally .60 because when I first started I was playing with these boss players and it stayed at .60 for long time until I started getting good and learning about the maps more so every 2-3 days my k/d has been going up .1 so in about a month it should be above 1.00 also I am improving and getting high k/d in matches because I have been playing free for all and search and search and destroy u should try those modes if u have a low k/d hope this helps and in black ops 1 my k/d was so high because the same thing that happend in bo1 happend to me in bo2

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