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    R-870 MCS is overpower!

      R-870 MCS is overpower i would get so mad in a FFA if some dude use it even on xbox and ps3 people say that it OP, i would love to hear what you guys think

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          i wont judge before i have a playtime of 5-8 days..

          i havent even tried all the weapons with attachments. before that i will stay silent

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            Stop friggin complaining its a shotgun of course its supposed to be strong just stop complaining about the game this is every year just try to adapt i didnt try to be mean but i h8 when people keep saying things in cod every year are op you just got to adapt

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              shotgun user owns a SMG user. unless the SMG user pretends its a AR.


              SMG's are hte most overused gun in cod. and guess what, SMG's as a class dont stand much of a chance agaisnt shotguns. i use every gun class, have yet to find a distinclty OP gun. found slightly undeerpowered guns so far. but no major OP. LMG's are slightly underpowered.


              how i play with a shotgun, avoid long halways, as much CQC as possible, move quickly. thats the basics. gess what a SMG user does, the same thing excpet he stands a chance at long halways.  want to fight shotguns, exploit there weaknesses.

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                Shotgun is only overpowered when using Dual Analogs. Call me insane, but I'm sure i'm not the only one who notices that shotguns are next to useless when using wiimote, yet when I grab the CCP, I suddenly hit people across the map with it? Same thing happened in BO, any time I would get a small map like Nuketown or Summit, I would grab use a stakeout. I kept sucking with it, couldn't hit anybody. Then, while playing with a few allies, one of them told me to use a CCP with the stakeout, and I did.......WOW. I suddenly becamse the god of shotguns, even got dogs. Same thing seems to be happening in BO2. Do the shotguns just have terrible hit detection with wiimote?

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                  Try using the Saiga 12 shotgun. In CQC it's a one-hit kill like the R870 but you can spam it more.

                  As for the R870 itself, the only thing I would change about it is the time it takes to pump. The pumping time is too fast right now IMO.

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                    i do fine with them with wiimote.


                    KSG gave trouble. not calling it OP anymore since its the skillshotgun. so the best one but takes the most skill to use well.


                    i wont mind the pumpspeed nerf tomuch. but you get to shots off from behind, in front you usualy lose if ouy miss.